Where will the next track go?

It's back to the old days of rumor mills about construction of velodromes... Here is what I have heard.

- From a very good source the Broomfield velodrome is the most likely of a second velodrome in the Denver area. Rumor has it that the money has already been allocated and construction starts this spring however NO ONE at the development company will return emails or phone calls to verify.

- Fort Collins citizens have been working VERY hard to get one up there. Not sure where they stand in terms of $$ but they have a lot of supporters, http://www.coloradoan.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/200901120505/OPINIO...

- Erie. Rumor has it that the owner of University Bikes is still determined to get a track up and the latest spot is in Erie. It is held up by $$ at the moment.

Will the Boulder Velodrome spark more Velodrome construction or will it kill any possibility of others to be built?

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I had heard that Erie was in

I had heard that Erie was in front of Broomfield. After all these years, three velodromes within 15 miles of Boulder is almost too much to comprehend.

I had emailed the folks at University when they were looking at Lyons for a velodrome. I suggested another location would be on the far western outskirts of Arvada, at Highway 93 and 64th Avenue. There is the Jeffco football stadium, and a large set of ball fields there. The track could be bermed into the hillside to protect it from the wind, and there is already parking. There would be no zoning issues, because the park is already lighted and used for many sporting events. It would be as close to Boulder as Erie or Broomfield, and much closer to the large populations centers down south. From Table Mesa and Broadway, it only takes 15 minutes to get down there (by car), and there is direct bus service on the GS route.

What would be really cool would be to use the hillside for a BMX track, a DS/4X track, and a dirt jump area in conjunction with the velodrome. There is enough vertical on the hillside there to make those really work, too. We need to get Bill Gates to drop a couple million in our laps.

The Broomfield Events Center

The Broomfield Events Center is going bankrupt.
Would be nice to have a full sized Velodrome but outside ones are only open 5 or 6 months a year. Would like to see the Business Plan for it...


Speaking of Ubikes. The majority of Ubikes staff was there the other morning on the track. It looked like Doug the owner of ubikes had rented the whole track for his staff. Pretty cool idea!

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