Boulder Racing: New Look, New Owners, Same Great Events!

In March of 2011 the Colorado cycling community couldn’t help but miss the new website and branding Boulder Racing rolled out. With the new logos and sponsors came the same great events the Colorado community has grown to love over the years. What most people don’t know is that after 12 seasons Boulder Racing underwent a major behind the scenes transition in the way of new owners. So who are the new faces of Boulder Racing and what are their plans for the near and long term future?

For those new to competitive bike racing Boulder Racing was founded in 1999 by Brian Hludzinski and over the next decade built the company into Colorado's leader in cycling event production. Over the years Boulder Racing become known for organized operations, professionally designed courses, stellar venues, and fun atmospheres for the whole family. At the end of 2010 Brian met the Panigutti brothers of Without Limits Productions. Without Limits, with its roots in triathlon production, dabbled in the cyclocross scene back in 2009 when it rolled out CYCLO X Boulder. Most missed the frigid event, but those who braved the 12 fresh inches of powder experienced one of the first chip timed cyclocross races, complete with lap times. The weather didn’t weaken their resolve and passion for cyclocross production, which quickly caught the attention of Brian a few months later. The younger brother Lance commented after, “sure we lost money, but we got to play in the dirt with a bobcat for a week! Our goal was to show the possibilities of chip timing, which we achieved. Combine that with any chance you get to play with excavators and it’s a win in our book!”

Lance and Tony Panigutti

Once Brian sat down with the Panigutti’s he quickly realized that Without Limits possessed a very similar attitude that "racing is for all", along with a commitment to continually raise the bar season to season. It was a natural fit, and Lance and Tony Panigutti were proud to take over Boulder Racing’s staple of events heading into the 2011 road season. At first the transition was kept relatively quiet compared to some of Without Limit’s other acquisitions over the past 2 years. “Our backgrounds stem from triathlon production (road and off road). I won’t say cycling is easier as they both possess unique challenges, but this first season was all about getting our feet wet.” – Tony Panigutti.

So what does the near and long-term future hold? Sure Boulder Racing has plans for new events, but the main focus remains on elevating the participation and status of its core; Louisville Crit, Koppenberg, Mike Horgan, and the Boulder Cyclocross Series. With 40 races in 4 different states it doesn’t leave too many free weekends for new block buster events, but they did comment something big was on the horizon! “I’d love to see 1,000+ people at a Boulder Cyclocross Series Event in the next two years, which is very feasible. The goal back in 2008 was always to cross brand our cycling, cyclocross, triathlon, XTERRA, and running divisions. The real growth for Boulder Racing, specifically cyclocross, is going to flow from sports like triathlon or even running.” – Lance Panigutti

If you’re curious what Brian is up to these days just cruise out to an event. Now that he's free from race directing duties you'll find Brian on the start line of the 35+ (Road Season) or SM Open (Cyclocross) Categories. For more information on Boulder Racing check out and stay tuned late Nov for exciting announcements regarding the 2012 road season.

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