Letter from the BMA President - Success and Progress

"But the solutions advocated by this narrow group of environmentalists (keep bikes out!) are disproportionate to the challenge they have identified. Mountain bikes are not drilling rigs and trails are not well pads. Our access issues have little to do with the regional and global environmental problems that trouble both of our communities. Mountain bikers are a great partner in conservation efforts, but we fear that bridge has been burned in Boulder - at least temporarily."


"We know the unspoken truth - that OSMP staff were split on the issue of allowing bike access. High up on the OSMP totem pole the idea got shot down, but the flesh and blood of the organization has seen that a purely political decision was made. They understand now, better that even before, that this is not about impacts on the resource, this is not about user conflict - this is about maintaining the status quo - no bikes in the West TSA. To city staff that have been open minded, we offer our sincere thanks! We will continue to persuade citizens and government officials that the gap between the conservation and mountain bike communities is narrow."

The Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance president, Jason Vogel, spells it all out in his recent letter titled A HISTORY OF SUCCESS AND PROGRESS: LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT. In the letter Jason talks about the successful relationship and brand BMA has created with Boulder Openspace and other officials, the opposition they run into and why they keep on fighting what may appear to be the steepest hill to climb.

While the BMA has had some setbacks in the last few years with the failure to create the canal path from Gunbarrel to Lyons, no bikes in West TSA and failure to gain access to Aneome Hill, they have made a lot of progress and anyone who has lived here for 10+ years should agree that options for mountain bikers have increased by a lot. Unlike road cyclist who are getting many of our shoulders and improved roads with little push back the BMA has to be there to make sure officials don't look past that group of cyclists. I hope BMA never gives up the fight and at the same time it saddens me that they have to fight so hard to do something so simple as getting access to public lands for a healthy and relatively environmentally low impact activity. It shouldn't be a struggle, something is wrong with our officials and the mindset of the value of mountain biking in our community. On the flip side road cyclists should be thanking transportation officials at how easy they have made it for us... but imagine how awesome it could be if we had Boulder Road Association (BRA) like BMA!

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BMA Letter

A long term view is required and only logical.

Recent votes have gone against mt bikes, and the recent election was problematic. However, it would be silly to say doing this is a failure or isn't working.

It just means we lost a race. We gave it all we had, and it wasn't enough. Ever lose a race before?

So we can either quit and never race again, or train smarter, better and harder in preparation for next time.

Depends on what kind of rider you are.