Thanksgiving ride a dream event for some kids

This Thanksgiving Day Tom Danielson invited any junior cyclists in the Colorado area to come and share a Thanksgiving ride with Tom Danielson. Over 130 kids came to answer the call and the Danielsons (Tom's wife, mother inlaw and Tom's wife's grandmother!) also stepped up to the challenge and made sure there was parking, an awesome strider course, food, and swag for the kids. Personally I'd say Tom went well beyond the call of duty a professional cyclist does for the public. Hats off to the Danielsons and I hope there is an opportunity for next year. Below is the official press release from the event.

Photos available for download here

Boulder, CO (November 26,2011) On Thanksgiving morning, Garmin-Cervelo pro-cyclist Tom Danielson was up early preparing his front yard for the onslaught of junior riders that had registered for his inaugural Tommy D's Turkey Ride for Juniors. Tom has always been thankful to the professional cyclists that took time to ride with him when he was an aspiring bike racer, and he felt that Thanksgiving was a good day to give back in thanks to those that helped him along the way

While Tom was setting up the special course for the youngest riders, his wife Stephanie and her family were getting the rest of the compound ready. Stephanie's grandmother Dora Wiegart washed the fruit; her mother Christiane Wibracht helped with the junior course, banners and preparing the special giveaways and two brother-in-laws, Will and Ocean Boyd, prepared the lead truck and coordinated the parking. The youngest members of the Danielson Clan, Tom's son Stevie and his nephew Kai Boyd, helped the preparation by testing out theThank you,special course. It was a true family affair.

A total of 130 junior cyclists from ages 2 years old to 18 years old arrived to participate in this inaugural ride. The youngest and most inexperienced stayed on the course designed by Tom on his front yard. The remainder of the riders were broken into 3 categories: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Parents rode in the back so that they would be available for their kids if needed. With the help of local junior racers Lauryn Andre (The Service Course, 15 years old) and Anna Suter (TriBella Team, 15 years old) each rider was brought up to the front to have an opportunity to ride with Tom and have their photo taken with him. At designated spots, groups were lead back to Tom's house as the next group would move forward. On return the juniors were each given a t-shirt, a pie and some Athlete's Honey Milk.

Thank you so much/ The graciousness of the Danielson family is astounding. My sons Liam and Cameron are still glowing. - Jay Broadhurst

Thank you so much for all your work towards yesterday's event. We had a great time and made a family memory that is priceless. Words cannot express how truly grateful we are to have received the invitation to participate and to have gotten the opportunity for our girls to see how truly nice/ grounded/ gracious/ tied to the community/ willing to share the Danielson family was. That above and beyond meeting a top-tier cyclist was the heart of the whole day for us. The girls got to ride with other juniors who share their love of cycling in an atmosphere of fun and joy and excitement in a setting that was just amazing; a never to be forgotten Thanksgiving. Thank you! - Jim and Rebecca Lawrence and daughters Victoria, Kit and Stephanie

Thank you for the wonderful time. The kids really enjoyed themselves. - Mark Robinson

Photos available for download here

Preparations are already underway for Thanksgiving 2012.

Special Thanks: American Cycling Association; DBC Events; My Mom's Pies; Clif Bar; Zach Lee Design; Swan Ink; Athlete's Honey Milk; Giro; Pro-Active Chiropractic; The Service Course; Garmin-Cervelo

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Thank you TD!

We were out of town and unable to make the event but I still wanted to say thanks to Tom and his family for paying forward with an event like this. Hope it happens again in 2012 and I'll have my 2 youngsters out there for sure.