Thanks Lance, George, Tom, Christian....

Dear Pro Cyclists,

Thank you to all those pros for stepping out (not sarcastic here) and telling the truth (even though many of you were forced). Your actions are the start of cleaning up your level of the sport. Unfortunately your lies are ruining your reputation with your sponsors like Rabobank as they mentioned today they will no longer sponsor any Professional Cycling teams BUT they will continue to support recreational cycling


THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- Dutch bank Rabobank is ending its long sponsorship of professional cycling, saying "the trust in the cycling world has gone" following publication of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's report detailing performance-enhancing drug use by seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong.

The bank said Friday that it will halt 17 years of sponsoring men's and women's professional teams at the end of 2012.

From their website

Rabobank invests in cycling. This investment is not limited to sponsoring professional teams, but also extends to promoting and supporting recreational cycling in its broadest sense throughout the Netherlands. All these activities are carried out under the auspices of the 'Rabo Cycling Plan'.

I don't praise the death of professional cycling even though your damage may be hard to restore but I do hope more sponsors turn their dollars away from the pros and redirect them back towards grass roots cycling.

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Not very admirable move

Kris, where was Rabobank when Rasmussen got busted? How come they didn't pull the plug then? Kind of disingenuous to bail out now, stranding young riders who have nothing to do with the Armstrong era. My guess is that they were going to exit the sponsorship anyway and are just using the USADA findings as a convenient excuse.

Pete - from what I remember,

Pete - from what I remember, Rasmussen didn't get busted for doping. He received a ban from the Danish cycling union for missed doping controls and failing to report he whereabouts while training in Mexico. As far as I know, the only doping Rasmussen doping allegations stemmed from a rider alleging Rasmussen asked him to transport doping products in a shoebox.


If all the drama of the last week has exposed one thing it is the ironic double standard (AKA "total hypocrisy") at all levels of the sport from the UCI to teams to riders and on down to an alarming number of fans.

Riders who tell the truth are castigated, obliged to retire or in the case of Levi, chucked from their team all together.

Riders who keep quiet (many of whom are probably still doping) continue to garner wins, kudos and fat contracts.

Like it or not, as a fan my new acid test for whether a pro rider is doping is the mere suspicion that they might be. That is, if they put in a performance that simply seems unbelievable then it probably is and they are probably doping. (Boonen in PR and Sagan in the ATOC and the Tour come immediately to mind). Sorry, but in my mind, they are dopers and worthy of as much castigation (if not more than) the guys who told he truth.

Cynicism. That's Armstrong's legacy to me.

I have yet to decide whether or not I should just ignore pro cycling all together and concentrate solely on my own pathetic (but clean) athletic efforts.

The hypocrisy is yours and

The hypocrisy is yours and USADAs.

turns out all investigations the last few years quickly turned to catching one person, even the Rock racing investigation.

What price did the 11 really pay? Investigation was done months ago but they held off announcing until after the season so that George could have his retirement tour. Amnesty for all! Zero punishment. Everything to win and nothing to lose by talking. All dopers should be punished, including the 11.

sorry, but this in a lot of

sorry, but this in a lot of ways seems like the Festina scandal of 1998, when they "cleaned up the sport" and added all of the testing to add assurance and we were constantly told that we're watching the cleanest sport on the planet.

Maybe, just maybe, the sport will be clean in 5 years. In no way do I believe we have anything close to a clean sport now.

In my opinion, Slipstream, the team that tried to usher in this new era, used the "clean" thing as marketing. They were all "ex-dopers". In what world would I believe that their cheating was limited to Postal? Anyone notice how that marketing seemed to fade over the years? And for other teams like BMC, why would George just quit doping when he went to BMC? He got tired of making money?

As we saw with Allen Lim, he worked with Floyd, then went to Slipstream, then worked with Lance. So we're to believe that while he was at Slipstream, he just STOPPED working with riders that doped for that brief period?

That also doesn't leave good impressions of Taylor Phinney. Yes, he's the new era of cycling, working with, being mentored by, and coached by all of the "ex-dopers". I'm not saying that Taylor is doping. There is no evidence of that and that would be slanderous to say. What I am saying is where there's smoke, there's fire.

and with the local riders like Chuck Coyle that have been busted, there's really just not a lot to appreciate in the beauty of competitive cycling at the moment.

the whole thing is just a total mess. Sponsors should be exiting. There's nothing to believe when watching cycling at the moment. It's pretty much been uncovered to be the equivalent of professional wrestling, except a lot more boring to watch.

i'll stick to my saturday club rides and amateur events. screw professional cycling.

hey get a hobby, or tell me

hey get a hobby, or tell me that you have actually worked for pro teams (namely slipstream) or any other pro team in europe, and this is where you are getting all your "info" quit your lame ass speculations as to who and what was going on... Taylor phinney... hmmm both his parents are F%^N olympians assjack... and actually taylors sister is more physiologically gifted than he is so you want to start speculating on her too??? im sick of all this soap opera speculation based on too many lame asses with too much time on their hands..

I am merely expressing my

I am merely expressing my opinion and stating that I'm not gullible enough to believe that the actions unfolding are limited to a single team. I work for no team. Your comments though seem right inline with all of the Lance supporters of the past decade - you didn't work on the team, Lance didn't fail any test, etc. And I could ask the same question of you. You seem so confident that no one else is cheating. Are you somehow on the inside track?

The logic of Lance being the only clean rider beating the other doping riders continues down the chain. I saw no change in Zabriskie's or Leipheimer's placings once he "stopped" doping. But maybe you are seeing something I'm not. And that's great. I would appreciate your point of view, but calling me names does very little for your case.

As for Taylor, I am not implying that he's doping. What I am saying is that he has been surrounded by and working with "ex" dopers his whole career now - Armstrong, Hincapie, Lim.

Your logic of being an Olympian is also flawed. Here's a really complete list:

Again, in now way am I saying his parents ever cheated. I too think they are great Olympians. Just that your logic is flawed.

I thought the purpose of these forums were to discuss one's perspective on the article posted. That's all I was doing.

It's not like I posted my comments on an article about new bike lanes being added to a street.

Good luck to you in all of your future endeavors.