Thank You Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance

Below is a "Letter to the Editor" in today's Daily Camera, the summary of it is that Mountain Bikers have too much control of the existing open space trails and that is why 1B was so close in the elections... And this is why we should take a moment to thank Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance! They deserve a credit for having 84% of our open space trails open to cyclist, for helping the city get what will be the Worlds best Bike Park. For hosting great events like great cycling movies at the Boulder Theater and continuing to get more trails built like the recently opened Mayhoffer Singletree Trail trail. And lastly, they did lobby strongly to get 1B passed so even if you don't have a mountain bike (although many of the trails can be ridden on about any type of bike) lets say Thank You BMA!

Now who has the back of all the road cyclist in Boulder County? Bicycle Colorado does a little but they must cover the entire state's needs so while a great organization they cannot dedicate all their resources like BMA can.

From the Daily Camera Letters to the Editor

The closeness of the 1B open space issue gives us reason to pause. Of course, there`s the economic issue, and it is a bad time to raise taxes for non-critical services. But there`s another issue that underlies the voting, and that is the control of county open space decisions by the powerful mountain bike lobby.

Jason Vogel, president of the Boulder MountainBike Alliance, had an enthusiastic letter of support in September. He didn`t note in his letter, however, that 84 percent of the county open space trails are open to mountain bikes, in some cases at the expense of other users, such as hikers, runners and dog walkers.

About the same time, Clay Evans wrote a column asking for more access to county trails citing, as an example, the ban on dogs on Hall and Heil Ranch trails. Could that be because dogs (and other users) aren`t welcome by mountain bikers on "bike preferred" trails?

And in the article in the Camera the day after the election, the only trail user quoted was Vogel, who proclaimed defeat as a "devastating blow for mounting biking"-- not for trail users, but for mountain bikers! And the only trail user shown in the story`s photo was a mountain biker!

So maybe some of the resistance to 1B came from other trail users who are tired of seeing the mountain bike lobby control of open space trails.

Why should we buy land to build more playgrounds for mountain bikers? They`ve already maneuvered the city of Boulder into building a state-of-the-art bike park on Valmont. Enough is enough.

Note to Boulder Open Space Board and City Council members: When considering the proposal to open up the West Trail Study Area to mountain bikers, remember that there are more hikers than mountain bikers.

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