Texas city Outlaws Pelotons

Nope not 303 news but blink and this could become a topic in Colorado sooner than you may think!
From Urban Velo Texas town outlaws pelotons

By a 4-0 vote of the Bartonville City Council, any group of 10 bicyclists or more must apply 45 days in advance and buy a $50 permit.

“We listened to our citizens,” said Councilman Bill Reaves, who made the motion on June 15 to expand the town’s public events law to include any gathering of 10 or more walkers, runners or cyclists.

BlackHawk has outlawed cyclist and some Jefferson county officials would probably like to do the same on Deer Creek Canyon and Boulder officials are working to limit tension on mountain roads. Large packs of cyclist have been a long problem in Boulder County . While I doubt such measure would ever pass in Boulder, I wouldn't be surprised if the discussion of it went pretty far. Makes you wonder, how bad is it really in the town of Bartonville to cause them to even pass such a law?

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