Team Kitchen - Garmin's Rolling Gourmet Unit

Tom's dinner menu before his stage 3 victory

Team kitchen, a rolling Garmin Gourmet unit, is being operated by Barb Grealish, who is one of the few Gluten free tour chefs on the road. While the video below is not from this years USPCC, you get an idea of what they do. To learn more about how they roll, check out Here is a snippet

Chef Barb pulled into Crested Butte after an almost 3 hour transfer from Telluride. The final 1/2 mile was probably the hardest because all of team buses and event staff got stuck in the same line as the spectators and didn’t move. The volunteers were doing an excessive fantastic job stopping traffic! We all finally pulled into the other lane and went forward. That is very stressful when you are trying to beat the race and get all the pre-prep ready.

As previous reported on 303cycling, Boulder Chef Prepares Gluten Free Meals for Garmin-Barracuda Team

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