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Hudz-Subaru announces Elite Cyclocross Team

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Press Release from Hüdz-Subaru

Hüdz-Subaru announces Elite Cyclocross Team and Grass-Roots Program

(Boulder, CO) Hüdz, Subaru and the Vista Auto Group are pleased to
announce their support of a 10-person Elite cyclocross team for the 2009-10
season. The team is managed by 303 Racing, LLC in Boulder, Colorado and
features Jon Baker, Chuck Coyle, Matt Pacocha, Colby Pearce, and Brad White
on the men’s team, and Lauren Hall, Lara Kroepsch, Rebecca Much, Emily
Van Meter and Wendy Williams on the women’s squad. In conjunction with
the Elite team, Hüdz-Subaru will also be organizing a National Grass-Roots
Program designed to offer support to crossers of all levels.

“It really is ambitious for a first year program,” said Hüdz owner
Lance Johnson, co-director of the team, “But with a partner like Subaru
and the Vista Auto Group (which also runs a successful road team) we have a
wealth of experience to draw from. Plus, when we were able to attract such
an incredible group of racers we decided to just put our head down and go
for it.” The team will be co-directed by racer Chuck Coyle, himself a
9-year veteran pro racer for teams like Nutra-Fig, Successful Living, and
currently the Subaru-Vista Auto Group road team.

Gruppo Bici Race of the Falling Leaves

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The Koppenberg may be over but gravel road racing is still alive, welcome a new race and ride this year, the Gruppo Bici Race of the Falling Leaves Race and the Gruppo Bici L'Eroica Ride. For all those who wish the road season extended into Colorado's beautiful fall well now is your chance. October 4, out at the Boulder Reservoir these two events will get underway. The course is 70% gravel and is a single loop on some of the Boulder Roubaix route but a lot of new too, see the map of the route

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Koppenberg Pictures Video and Results

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2009 Koppenberg Results

Pro Men: Westley Gough
Pro Women: Beth Fisk

Today was the Colorado classic Koppenberg Circuit Race. I was taking pictures on the infamous climb. Its short but its steep and there was really only one line.

Professional Photos 35+, 3, 35+ - 3, 45+, Women 123 and Pro Men

Full list of 2009 Koppenberg Photo Gallery

Koppenberg Recon

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Say say 3rd times a charm right? Twice the Koppenberg has been canceled and according to the promotor there will be NO cancellation this time.

Yes, we are CHANGING THE RULES. From here on forward the race will not be canceled b/c of mud. In the future, if the hill is unrideable, then the expectation is that riders will hike the bike up the grassy sides and remount on top. So this means it is highly recommended that if it is wet outside, you bring Mountain Bike shoes and pedals. We will investigate footbath options (seriously) on top of the hill in case of mud on the cleats before remounting.

This coming Sunday, August 30th, is the 2009 Koppenberg race so I took a tour of the course to see how it is doing and here is what I found.

Loose!. That is the one word I would use to say how the course is compared to past races, but there are the details....

Pre-hill section

Lots of medals going to Coloradians this week

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Coloradians have been mining in Colorado Springs this week at Master Track Nationals. Here are some highlights

  • Neal Henderson 4th Kilo men's 35-39
  • James Kinsinger Bronze 500 meter (age unknown)
    Ronald Hargrave Bronze 500 men's 60-64
  • Lawrence Bosch 4th 500 men's 60-64
    Marsha Macro Gold kilo women 65-69!!!
  • Catherine Nicoletti Bronze kilo women 55-59
  • an Lischer Bronze unknown event, maybe 500
  • Kimberly Nuffer Gold
  • Carol Kauder Bronze

Stories from the community on Masters Track Nationals

And that was just Day one!


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