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It's a Mud fight at School Yard Cross

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Photo Credit: Bryan King

The School Yard Cross was a mud flinging event, but not like Blue sky velo's race where you couldn't hardly escape the mud, School Yard Cross had a manufactured mud pit that from the tales of the riders it had a different personality in each race, peanut butter in the morning and diarrhea by the final event. The mud pit didn't have too much effect on the outcome of the race but it did add to the excitement of the event, they even had bleachers setup for folks to watch the comedy. In the SS event I heard the crowds break out into a yells and cheers as a rider 1 or 2 places behind me (I believe the one photoed above) goes down face first into the diarrhea. The remainder of the race was fast in typical Colorado field conditions, bumpy and dusty. Huge course, something like 2.4 mile loops made for difficulty to be the most spectator friendly course but running through that mud more often would have up'd my chances to have been racing for Tide Racing!


There were a few photographers out there and one appeared to have gotten too close to the racers in the mud pit and himself was covered with mud. Overall, it sounded like many racers enjoyed the race with good weather, mud and David Towle at the mic. They even had a unique prize, second from last got "something".

Race Results

Photographers on course



School Yard Cross Cat 4, 35+ from Michael Beck on Vimeo.

2009 Blue Sky Velo Cup Photos and Results

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Today's winners

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Rob O'Dea

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Rob O'Dea

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Rob O'Dea

2009 Blue Sky Velo Cup Results

Elite Men,1,19770805,"JOHNSON, Timothy",Cannondale/CycloCros,3,07:02.0
Elite Men,2,19830629,"POWERS, Jeremy",Cannondale/CycloCros,1,07:54.0

Change of Location for Boulder Cup Cyclocross

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Just in.....

October 28 (Boulder, CO) Organizers of the Boulder Cup cyclocross race have announced a change of location for the annual event scheduled Sunday November 1. The international caliber race has been relocated to The Boulder Reservoir replacing the south Boulder location at Harlow Platts Park.

The fall storm that has blanketed the Front Range of Colorado with a heavy layer of wet snow on Tuesday night and Wednesday forced the decision on City of Boulder and event organizers in an effort to avoid damage to the turf at Harlow Platts.

Race director Chris Grealish described the move as the best alternative given the fragility of the turf at Harlow Platts, “The racers love Harlow Platts because of the challenging nature of the grassy terrain but we have an agreement with the City of Boulder to make a move if conditions there risk long-term damage to the park.”

The schedule of events for the event remains unchanged with racing takes place all day beginning with local amateurs at 8:00 am. The professional men and women race during the afternoon beginning at 2:30 with the Elite Women followed by the Elite Men at 3:20. A complete schedule is available at

Blue Sky Velo & Boulder Cup Reminder!

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Folks, if are are a casual cyclist, want to learn more about this CX thing or just want a good weekend outdoors then don't miss this weekend!! By far, this weekend is the greatest weekend of racing in the calendar for the Boulder Denver area! Below is the press releases for the races

Registration Closes Thursday!!

Register Boulder Cup
Register Blue Sky Velo Cup

non-ACA members can still race in the Boulder Cup non-UCI categories. They can pre-register online at One day racers can simply put "one day" in the license number area of the online registration then do the 1-Day license application at number pick

Big Weekend of Cyclocross Racing on Oct. 31 – Nov. 1
Blue Sky Velo Cup in Longmont & The Boulder Cup in Boulder

Boulder Rez Results and Photos

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Epic race yesterday at the Boulder Rez which was race 3 in the Boulder Racing Series. The afternoon categories which include SW 35+, SM 55+ and SM 4 had heavy snow during the majority of the race which photographer Bryan captured. There where other photographers out there at the race but at the time only Bryan has his photos of Boulder Rez race posted. Also heard that SportifImages was out there but nothing posting yet. Even with the epic conditions over 450 competitors towed the line which made it the second best attended race this year.

Everyone give a big thanks to Community Cycles yesterday for sticking it out in the beer garden on such a terrible day. Not a good day for sales help them out if you every get a chance!

Results from Boulder Series #3


Colorado Cyclocross Numbers

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*** Updated for 2010 ***
The 2010 Colorado cyclocross season has been going for a little over a month. We thought we would update some numbers. Boulder Racing had there largest race ever at with 584 starters. Compare that to Oregon Cross Crusade which had over 1400 starters for the first race in the series!

The 2009 Colorado cyclocross season is in full swing. The numbers seem descent but are they? Looking at the numbers for the first two 2009 Boulder Racing Series and the Valmont Bike Park race and the numbers are slightly down.

Compare Colorados cyclocross scene to Oregon's cyclocross scene and there is no comparison. The Oregon Cross Crusade series has well over 1200 racers per event where the Colorado events are a little over 450.
Cross Crusade

- Why are the numbers so different? The Denver Metro area is similar in population to the Portland Metro area.


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