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Sports Chiropractic Treatment
By Dr. Andy Harmon, DC

A growing number of amateur and elite athletes are seeking sports chiropractic treatment as a part of their injury treatment, injury prevention and general health maintenance program. If you’re like most people you probably don’t actually know what can be achieved with this type of treatment, or even what chiropractic treatment involves.

So then, it is my challenge to clarify the entirety of this topic in one single article, after which, I will need a nap. In all seriousness, there are all types of different chiropractors out there and many different models on how to treat pain. Since the author of this particular article is a chiropractor specializing in sports injuries, as well as an avid cyclist, we will discuss sports chiropractic as it relates to you, the cyclist. Specifically, how can we keep you on the bike free of pain? And while we’re at it, how can this type of treatment help you ride more efficiently.

Dr. Andy Harmon

A Sports Chiropractor is a human biomechanics and soft tissue injury specialist. [In English Please] This means we’re experts in how the muscles, bones, joints, and other soft tissues function (hopefully to propel your bike at a desirable speed), and how to diagnose and treat injuries to the muscluloskeletal system. This means we treat injuries from head to toe, not just the back. Additionally, there is an emphasis on finding and fixing the source of the problem, not just the area of pain. Afterall, the goal should be to get rid of the pain and keep it that way.

Ok biomechanics-soft tissue guy, what do you actually do?

2010 Blue Sky Cup - Report

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Photo Credit: 303Photo


Race Report
What a great day for racing cyclocross. Colorado fall weather has finally started to kick in and the 80+ degree days that we were seeing in September are gone. I think most people were looking forward to wet muddy conditions but they did not materialize.

The course was far different from any Xilinx course that I can remember. The start finish was on the north side of the building along with vendor and team tents. The course was also much shorter in length than the race held a few week ago at Xilinx - Boulder Racing #1.

In years past this has been the largest cyclocross race in Colorado and todays event will be close. Being a Colorado Cross Cup race the turn out was big with the Mens 35+/4s field filling up with 100 starters! The atmosphere was great with the Niwot High School marching band belting out Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. I felt like I was at a high school football game.

Racing Results

Top five for the Men's and Women's Open categories:

1) Jake Wells - Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
2) Brandon Dwight - Boulder Cycle Sport
3) Jonathan Baker - Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
4) Christopher Hurst
5) Tim Allen - Feedback Sports CX

1) Amanda Miller - Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
2) Margell Abel - Tough Girl
3) Kristal Boni - Blue Sky Velo
4) Julianne Boylan - GS Boulder Trek
5) Karen Hogan - Louisville Cyclery

Colorado Cross Classic Kicks off big Race Weekend

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2010 Results, Pictures and Video

New Event Headed Up By Former Cat. 3 Road Race Champ

Halloween weekend is always a big party on Colorado’s Front Range, but this year it’s going to be a little bigger.

Besides ghouls, goblins, tricks and treats, Oct. 30 and 31 mark the return of the North American Cyclocross Trophy National Series to the Centennial State. Racing kicks off Saturday with the Colorado Cross Classic at the Boulder Reservoir, then Sunday moves to the FlatIron Crossing Shopping Center in Broomfield for the Boulder Cup.

Both races are expected to attract huge crowds and the best pros in North America. Organizers have confirmed attendance from the likes of Tim Johnson, Ryan Trebon, Jeremy Powers, Geoff Kabush, Adam Craig, Katie Compton, Georgia Gould and Boulder resident Amy Dombroski.

While those names are familiar to the ’cross community, the UCI-rated C2 Colorado Cross Classic and its race director Tim Shea are newcomers.

Shea was once a regular on Colorado’s amateur road race scene, even winning the Cat. 3 state championships title in 1997. But life subsequently got in the way, and Shea hung up his race bike for the better part of a decade while starting a family and founding a tax advisory business that grew from one employee to 125.

High School Racers Sweat It Out on Classic Bear Creek Course

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Press Release. For immediate release.

Heather Irmiger with Boulder High Rider
More Photos at ColoradoMTB

Colorado High School Cycling League Race #3
Contact: Kate Rau 720.272.9282

LAKEWOOD, Colo.–On a bright Sunday in October, 144 racers once again hit the single track to compete in the third Colorado High School Cycling League race at Bear Creek Lake Park. Twenty (20) teams were represented from all over Colorado as well as Laramie, Wyoming.

Bear Creek Lake offered a beautiful sweeping single track course with approximately 400 feet of climbing in the 4.5-mile lap. The course was full of short climbs, rolling hills and exciting descents. Coyote Crossing hosted the staging for the start/finish with spectators lining the barriers for a chance to cheer the racers. Dominique Fenichell of Boulder High School described the course as "short and fast". She couldn't contain her smile after taking second place and keeping her leader's jersey in the JV girls category.

Aspen Lodge Cyclocross - Report

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Photo Credit: 303Photo


Race Report
Racing cyclocross is hard! Racing cyclocross in Colorado at over 9000 feet in elevation is brutal. A brand new venue for the Colorado Cyclocross calendar in 2010, the Aspen Lodge, was a huge hit. It seemed like there were just as many people racing as there were watching the event. With limited real estate the course wound around the lodge. The course featured a number of run-ups and plenty of off camber bumpy turns. I think most racers would agree that this is one of the most technical courses so far this season and maybe for the whole season.

Racing Results

Top five for the Men's and Women's Open categories:

1) Tim Allen
2) Jake Wells - Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
3) Peter Webber - Boulder Cycle Sport
4) Allen Krughoff - Boulder Cycle Sport
5) Jonathan Baker - Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team

1) Nicole Duke - Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
2) Lisa Strong - Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
3) Karen Hogan - Louisville Cyclery
4) Amanda Miller
5) Megan Taylor - COMotion Sports

Boulder Racing #2 - Interlocken - Race Report, Photos and more

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Race Report Hardcastle Photography
Yesterday's Boulder Racing Cyclocross #2 of the series was a biggie. Big course - big fields - big crowds! Picture a 120 person field coming into the sand and barriers - unbelievable. To say the sport of cyclocross is growing quickly would be, well, obvious. The very full fields of men, women and juniors raced through the campus of Interlocken in Broomfield, Colorado on a near perfect, breezy fall day. Complete with a sand section that doubled back between steep hill runs (or rides for some), a chance for rest on a couple short sidewalk sections, long stretches of wet and dry grass, a bridge over a creek (how Belgian), and a well-placed barrier section nearing the finish made this course spectator and racer friendly.

The women's field consisted of 33 starters and was contested by a few familiar faces. Lisa Strong (Hudz-Subaru) took the win to follow up strongly on a pair of 2nd places in Frisco last weekend and another 2nd at the first Boulder CX race. She was chased by Sara Tarkington (Unattached, 2nd) and Ann Trombley (Tokyo Joe's, 3rd). Lisa leads the Boulder CX series with a close second between Ann Trombley (two third place finishes) and Nicole Duke (1st place Boulder CX #1, no result for BCX #2).

Never a dull moment, the men's open race saw 62 starters fly down the wide grass start to take a left bend underneath the non-UCI legal inflatable start/finish arch (which was awesome, nice touch Boulder Racing!). From there a group of 5 leaders shook out from the field towards the middle of the first lap, consisting of Pete Webber (Boulder Cycle Sport), Matt Pacocha (Hudz/Subaru), Allen Krughoff (Boulder Cycle Sport), Brandon Dwight (Boulder Cycle Sport) and Yannick Eckman (Hot Tubes). A tricky right hand turn on sidewalk in the backside of the course claimed some skin as riders pushed the envelope of traction on knobby tires. The group of leaders continued to ride consistently together for the majority of the race as they pulled away from the field.

Nearing 4 laps to go, the action picked up a bit. Krughoff put in a short-lived attack to test the group on the grass stretch after the canal bridge and drew Eckman out of the group, which killed the impetus to continue. Dwight was charging up for a counter attack but his line was pinched against the chain-link fence on the south of the course, allowing an opening on the right for Pacocha to attack. Pacocha got a small gap on the group of about 3-4 seconds and was caught by Eckman first, but was eventually reeled in before the start finish by the Boulder Cycle Sport trio. Webber went to the front underneath the inflatable arch with 2 laps to go until he lost his purchase on the slick left turn onto grass coming into the first barrier and runup section. This put him slightly behind the other 4 as the pace quickened. Eckman put in an attack towards the end of 2 laps to go and was followed by Dwight. Pacocha led the chase to the front two, with Krughoff in tow.

Coming through the to hear the bell lap, Eckman had an approximate 5 second lead on Dwight, with another 5 seconds to the duo of Pacocha and Krughoff. As Pacocha and Krughoff came out of the sand into the steep, mud/grass hill that the leaders had been riding most of the race, lapped traffic tried to move left out of the way which unfortunately happened to be the now only ride-able line up on fresh grass. Pacocha and Krughoff were stopped up against the caution tape and had to dismount with Krughoff sprinting out of the jam and onto his bike. This setup a gap which grew as the lap progressed.

Dwight chasing Eckman throughout the final lap and closing down Eckman's lead by the second, the two came together slightly before the barriers leading into the grass loops before the finish. Eckman bunny hopped the barriers as Dwight ran and used the opportunity to sprint out in front of Dwight. With roughly 1/2 a kilometer of grass remaining to the finish, Eckman held off the hard charging Dwight to take the victory. Dwight was followed by Krughoff at 5 seconds with Pacocha and Webber coming bringing in the end of the lead group in that order.

Racing Results

Top five for the Men's and Women's Open categories:

1) Yannick Eckmann - Hot Tubes Dev. Cycling Team
2) Brandon Dwight - Boulder Cycle Sport
3) Allen Krughoff - Boulder Cycle Sport
4) Matthew Pacocha - Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
5) Peter Webber - Boulder Cycle Sport

1) Lisa Strong - Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
2) Sara Tarkington
3) Ann Trombley - Tokyo Joe's
4) Judy Freeman
5) Jane Finsterwald -

Boulder's Higgins Finishes US Track Cycling National Championship with Four National Titles

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Permission to use photographs by Pat Benson, photographer

Boulder's Higgins Finishes US Track Cycling National Championship with Four National Titles

October 3, 2010

Carson, CA-Boulder's Cari Higgins (Peanut Butter & Co/2012 Professional Cycling Team) completed her competition at the 2010 US Elite Track Cycling National Championships on Sunday with the addition of two more national titles. With teammate and former World Champion Jennie Reed (Kirkland, WA), Higgins won the first ever US National Championship in the Women's Madison. Her final Stars and Stripes jersey came in the Women's Team Sprint with teammate Liz Reap (Jim Thorpe, PA). Earlier in the week, Higgins also won National titles in the Women's Team Pursuit and Points Race. She has eleven career National Championships and four Pan American Cycling Championship medals.

Higgins commented "I am really inspired by starting my track cycling season off with a strong Nationals. I am looking forward to a great winter of racing internationally with the US National Team as we work towards our goal, the London 2012 Olympics".

2010 Frisco Cyclocross - Report

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Frisco Cyclocross Results

- Results Saturday
- Results Sunday

Saturday Race Report
Rod Yoder sent us these videos of yesterday cyclocross race in Frisco.

Sunday's Race Report From Allen Krugoff, Hardcastle Photography

Sunday's course might have been cooler in temperature, but the heat was on with an unrelenting course design. No rest on this long loop with a 1 minute (or of course longer) climb, cross-hill on thick bark chips and a fast, windy descent into a twisty gravel stretch. From there, riders flew across more bark chipped singletrack, as this area had been previously logged for beetle kill and bark chips are now in peak supply. Back towards the announcer and start area with lincoln-log barriers and a deep gravel stretch which lead into more bark chip singletrack (noticing a trend?) and into a grass infield area to complete the lap.


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