Road Racing

Why I never give up

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Today I raced my second Men's open CX race at Louisville Rec Center. The course was fairly technical and very bumpy with a field size of about 38-ish I think. Lane Miller from LVC and I started at the absolute back of the field since we are both fairly new to the men's open field. Lap 1 was partly a parade lap but I passed a few guys, then lab 2, 3, 4-ish I caught a lot and started to settle into my position, at least I thought so until guys in front of my were quiting!?!

"Kansas city here I come"

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As I woke up this morning I couldn't help but become very motivated to do CX nationals this year, why? As a 24 year resident of that state this mornings weather in the 303 was winter weather in Missoura, gray, cold and damp. Then to top it off I was enjoying breakfast while listening to James Brown sing the "Kansas City" song


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