Road Racing

1995 Boulder Roubaix

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The Boulder-Roubaix Road Race was a little more realistic than
usual this year due to the 38F temperature and falling snow.
Rishi Grewal won the Pro-1-2-3 race by dropping his three
breakaway companions with two laps to go and went on to win
by over four minites. The race was held on an eight mile circuit,
80% of which is dirt. No cobbles, but plenty of Boulder County

1. Rishi Grewal, Klein
2. Jorge Espinosa, Ciao
3. Wayne Roth, CTTC
4. Chris Wherry, Ciao
5. Mike Hegdal, Dyno
6. Tim Rutherford
7. Luke Middleton, U of Colorado
8. Christian McCarthy
9. Dave Aschwanden, One World Velo
10. Roger Cox, GS-Boulder

Julia Fulwyler soloed away from the an early break of four to
win the 32 mile womens race.

1. Julia Fulwyler
2. Lisa Fischer-Wade, Colorado Majic
3. Brenda Black, CWCT
4. Becky Browning, BWCT
5. Autumn Cisneros, Team Tucker
6. Sherri Smith, BWCT
7. Anne Dillon, BWCT

Bob Bieterman fulfilled his great promise, breaking away on
the fourth of five laps with his humble domestique Bret Wade.
Also known as "Bobolini" to those that have seen him sprint,
"Bobio" to those that have seen his new haircut, and "Shaver"
to those that have noted his rapid transition from the mountain
circuit to the road, Bieterman won his first ever road race
with a dominant style seldom witnessed on the Colorado Master's

KHMTT Registration Update - March 8th

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KHMTT Registration Update - March 8th.

Registration for the 2010 Karen Hornbostel Memorial Cherry Creek TT Series has been reconciled using the numerous emails and phone calls that we received here at and at the ACA office since March 2nd. We have granted access to those people who contacted us stating that they were kicked off of the website on March 2nd, or were not able to access the registration process on March 2nd.

Cherry Creek Time Trial Registration Temporarily Closed

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Registration is being reconciled and will remain closed. An announcement will be made on March 8 (Monday) as to when any remaining start times will become available.

Women's Development Camp - Learn from the pros!

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Bicycle racing is difficult, whether you are getting started or want to break out into the cat II level, it's not easy. Multiple times here on 303cycling we have promoted that riders who want to really increase their performance to consider finding a Colorado Bicycle Coach.

Additional or alternative to getting a coach you might want to consider going to a cycling camp. Every spring you can find tons of camps in Arizona, some are for real performance enhancements while others are purely that "Live like a Pro" camp. Personally for me I would equally enjoy either because at the end of the day I got to 100% indulge myself in to the sport I love. This spring in Colorado there is going to be an all All Woman's Cycling Camp in Palisades Colorado put on by two top notch female riders, Tina Pic and Kimberly Baldwin.

Time to consider getting that USA Cycling license

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Every year many cyclist forget about that "silent" set of races in the Front Range sanctioned by USA Cycling, these are the Collegiate Tour. Maybe because many think that these races are only for college teams which is not true. If you are one of those guys who want to race in a field isn't reaching it max limit size or if you are looking for some real race experience without the crowds then maybe you should seriously considering trying some of these races out. One day licenses are $10 and full license is $60 so you do the math and decide. Maybe some day soon you may just have to buy 1 license for all your racing needs if the ACA became a local Association under USA Cycling. We at 303cycling got to interview Steve Johnson on this topic so stay tuned to that one.

USA Cycling announces 2010 Professional MTB Gravity Tour

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It looks like Colorado will get one stop in the series.

Colorado Springs, Colo. (February 23, 2010) – USA Cycling announced today the 2010 USA Cycling Professional Mountain Bike Gravity Tour (ProGRT). In its second year, the five-race series will continue to raise the level of competitive gravity racing across the United States by providing a consistent stage of international-caliber events for elite gravity racers to showcase their downhill skills.


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