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Are Master Cyclists Faster than you?

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Sundays "A" field results look like a 40+ masters field, right? A fluke maybe, well look at the last "A" field results and it looks pretty similar.

I apologize for not doing this story justice by not going into great depth but isn't it amazing that many of the fast guys in Colorado are over 35 years of age?

Let's name drop here for a moment

Colorado Koppenberg Circuit Race

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Photo Credits: 303cycling

The Colorado Koppenberg Race is the queen of the spring time cycling events in Colorado. This rustic setting sits next to the famous Morgul Bismark Hill and makes for a very idealic Colorado race. Plagued by the evils of Mother Nature the dependability of the race is usually in question. Many racers set this as a goal for the year and some travel great distances to complete in this unique one-of-a-kind dirt race with a classic redneck version of the European Koppenberg Hill.

Front Range Mountain Bike Racing Covered by 303Cycling

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*** UPDATED 3-22-2010 RACE FLYER ***

Something new is coming to the ACA this year. A mountain bike series in the Front Range of Colorado. The series is being put on by Race Pace Promotions and it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. The series consist of six races beginning on April 3rd. We recently asked Erik Werner from Race Pace Promotions about the races.

[303Cycling] Do you know the format of each of the races (i.e. circuit vs. short track)?
[Race Pace Promotions] All races will be twice the length (time-wise) of the short track events. So the Men's A race will be 60min vs. the 30min for short-track. Course lengths will be dependent on the venue; Bear Creek will certainly be one of the longer courses, and we’ve got additional track planned for the Louisville and NAAC venues as well.

[303Cycling] Do you consider this a “true series”?
[Race Pace Promotions] We certainly want to make this a true series. Right now the main problem we're dealing with is that the series spans 3 months. That is a recipe for sandbagging. Sandbaggers suck. Everybody loves a good series, and most folks will happily upgrade when they get the chance, but there are always the select few that just love to stomp the lower cat and gag at the thought of having to work for it in the next class up. If the series were spread over a month it would be easier to deal with, but that 3 month block makes it interesting. However, we gave the series that 3 month spread for a reason – almost every FRMTB race is scheduled the weekend before an MSC or Winter Park event so racers can get out there on the cheap and test themselves before the bigger events. But back to the ‘series’ nature of it, yeah, we definitely want It to be a true series. Racers will get points and we’ll track it all on our site, and we plan on having series prizes at the end – but again, we’re still working out the details per category and how to deal with the sandbaggers.

Olympian DeMattei, Wiens Host Colorado CycleFest

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Press Release on Colorado Cycle Fest supporting Highschool Mountain Biking

DENVER, Colo. – Olympic and World Cup stars, Susan DeMattei and Dave Wiens are offering Colorado cyclists a memorable weekend when they host the inaugural Colorado CycleFest, Saturday May 1, and Sunday May 2, 2010, in support of the Colorado High School Cycling League.

In a joint statement, Susan DeMattei and Dave Wiens said, “CycleFest is the main fundraising drive of high school mountain biking for Colorado, so it’s really important that mountain bikers across the state come out and support this. More than just competition, high school mountain bike racing will introduce cycling to a whole segment of our youth that otherwise may never be exposed to it. Every boy and girl on your local high school mountain bike team gets to compete on race day; there is no sitting on the bench! The CycleFest is an unprecedented event, we are really looking forward to meeting everybody, and anyone who loves bicycles should definitely be there!”

CU Criterium Photos and Results

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The spring air made for a great second weekend of Colorado Criterium Racing . The Pro 1-2 field was loaded with both local pros and those in Boulder to train. The field was large and the racing very animated.
Other Photos from the 2010 CU Criterium

303Cycling Photos and Results

(Credit can be given to for re-use of photos)

Next weeks criteriums
- Leaving 99 Crusade
- Colorado State University - Rams Cycling CRIT RR TTT
- Colorado State University - Rams Cycling CRIT RR TTT


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