Kristin Weber - Cyclocross Nationals and Worlds

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With Cyclocross Nationals and Masters Worlds right around the corner, I wanted to catch up with a local rider who will be competing in both events. Instead of the usual suspects, Brandon or Pete, I reached out to somewhat of a newcomer to the sport. Kristin Weber is a member of the Boulder Cycle Sport Ambassador Team and has been racing Cyclocross for a couple of years now.

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[303Cycling] When did you start to race cyclocross?
[Kristin] I got into cyclocross at the tail end of the 2009/10 season. I had been watching and supporting Dave for a couple of years and after having three kids decided it might be fun to race again. I thought this sport is so family friendly and it combines all the things I do, running, mtn biking, and road riding. So he lobbed an email to his team at the time and got me a $250 Surly, that weighed a ton, and had down-tube shifters. I did one race on it with the shifters and after nearly killing myself trying to shift while racing he got me some proper shifters. I did 3-4 races that season and really got hooked.

[303Cycling] You had a great year last year wining the Womens 35 Open race at the Colorado State Championships. Were you surprised at how well you did last season?
[Kristin] Well thanks! I appreciate that very much. I credit last year's success with a set of good mountain biking skills, a general base of fitness, a supportive husband and family, and a re-awakened competitive spirit. It was super fun to launch my first real season with some successes. I just love cross, I love the culture, the people, the dirt, the near heart attack that is every race. Although I am still mastering all the skills related to the sport, I feel like it is the sport for me on so many levels. I love bikes, I love people who ride bikes and I love to race. It's so challenging on many levels and like golf, there are micro refinements that you can learn from one race and take to another.


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