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Denver Police will be cracking down on BUI's

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According to a letter from the Denver Police Chief, Denver Police will be more aware of BUI as an enforceable offense.

It is now the policy of the Denver Police Department to take appropriate enforcement action regarding bicyclists who are suspected to be operating under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of alcohol and drugs in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes. The policy is as follows:

A Matter of Civility - From BikeDenver

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Our Safety on Denver’s Roads & Trails is at Stake

It’s been a great summer for biking in Denver. Whether you ride a few times a year or ride to work every day, you know that biking is booming in Denver.

Bike commuting numbers rose to exceed 4 times the national average, and we also saw increases in the number of bike events and in participation in events like the Denver Century Ride, Tour de Fat, and USA Pro Challenge. From bike shops to B-cycle, every bike indicator in Denver is rising.

This summer also saw some growing pains and re-introduced us to existing challenges. We heard a lot of frustration from people who walk, bike and drive about unsafe behaviors. Complaints ran the gamut from bicyclists running red lights, incidents of extreme harassment by motorists, pedestrians feeling threatened by bicyclists on sidewalks and trails, and just about everyone (bikes, cars, joggers and even scooters) using bike lanes improperly.

Could Bailey Become the Fruita of the Front Range with up to 140 Miles of Connected Trails?

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We have been reading in several publications about the idea of making Bailey a hub for mountain biking in the Front Range, which would be awesome for mountain bikers and for Bailey's economy. Could Bailey become the next IMBA "ride center"?

From Out There Colorado

BAILEY • For most mountain bikers, it’s a fly speck on the map along U.S. Highway 285 they blast through en route to epic rides.

But some in this sleepy Park County hamlet have big biking dreams. They have launched an effort to build 140 miles of trails, which they say could transform the town into a biking destination on par with Fruita.

The Colorado Mountain Bike Association says Bailey’s location is ideal, close to Front Range cities and surrounded by world-class trails. It’s just Bailey that is the missing link.

“It’s not like it’s building a trail system that would be isolated and asking people to come. Bailey is the right place to interconnect all these trail systems that exist,” said Bailey rider Shane Kinkennon, who is leading the trail-building effort.

Spinlister - a Peer to Peer Bike Rental Service comes to the Denver area

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Spinlister is coming to the Denver area and it could allow you to make a few bucks with those other 5 bikes in your garage or if you are a renter prevent you from that urge to buy a hipster but rent one instead

A few key quick facts about their service:

Westword's Comprehensive Look at Denver Cycling

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Denver Westword magazine takes a comprehensive look at the recent growth in cycling in Denver, how the Democratic National Convention may have been a catalyst and sparked the B-Cycle program, and how the city is addressing safety through engineering and educational efforts.

Read more at Denver Westword


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