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Coffee Talk - Getting more newbies into bike racing

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Today's coffee talk is about newbies. So a few weeks ago we said that it's not heros that got you into the sport, so what is it? Coffee talk discussion gives me the chance to rant and you a chance to fire back with your 2 or 4 cents.

The question is, how do we lure these race virgins into our sport? Every racer has them, friends who'd like to try racing but just haven't. What does it take to convert them? What is holding them back, is it nerves, lack of equipment, not enough training? Remember your first race, what got you to take the plunge?

This coming Sunday, Oct. 5th, the Primal Racing team will be offering a first timers only race at their PrimalPalooza event. At 10:55 newbie racers can experience cyclocross through a 30 minute race. Even better, the first timers race is offered at half price ($15 rather than $30 race entry fee) and it all benefits a great cause Trips for Kids. So a nearby race, at a discount, competing against only fellow race virgins for only 30 minutes. What could possibly be holding your wannabe friends back? Cyclocross really has the lowest barriers to entry of any of the cycling disciplines, but is the Colorado racing scene too intimidating for many to attempt?

Take our Poll, are we too serious?

With over 1 million spectators showing up for the US Pro Cycling challenge can't we get .01% of them to try out a bike race?

Re-Scheduled Colorado League State Championship Race

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*** Updated 10-31-2011 ***

Dear Colorado student-athletes, coaches, parents and fans;

The weather forecast for this week is for more snow on Wednesday followed by cold temperatures on Saturday and Sunday throughout the state. Ride early in the week!

The current plan is to hold the State Championship race on November 13th at Ridgeline in Castle Rock. The Farmer's Almanac prediction is "warm and sunny" that weekend.

Boulder mountain bikers regroup following Anemone Hill decision

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From the Daily Camera:

Hurt feelings, bruised egos and political attacks all are among the fallout of the Boulder City Council's decision not to allow mountain bikes on a planned loop at Anemone Hill.

And, while some people are questioning whether some of the leaders made up their minds long before Tuesday night's vote, others are wondering where mountain bike advocates will go from here.

Garmin Fit App Released

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From the Garmin Website:

Get Garmin Fit and start making the most of your exercise routine. This powerful app turns your smartphone into a powerful fitness training tool.

Work Out Smarter. Not Harder.

Garmin Fit lets you make the most of your exercise routine. It puts a wealth of valuable data right at your fingertips. Using your smartphone’s GPS, the app tracks your movements and provides you with your current speed, distance traveled, elapsed time and calories burned. Plus, with the built-in music features, you can easily select the perfect soundtrack for your workout.

At the completion of your workout, the app automatically uploads your workout data to the Garmin Connect™ website. There, you can view your route on a map, easily track your progress, share your workouts with others and much more.

Add Fitness Sensors

Probe of Lefthand Canyon Cyclist Death Proceeds After 4-Month Backlog

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From the Daily Camera:

Probe of Lefthand Canyon Cyclist Death Proceeds After 4-Month Backlog

By Erica Meltzer, Camera Staff Writer
Posted: 10/20/2011 03:04:25 PM MDT

Four months after a 73-year-old cyclist was struck by a dump truck and killed in Lefthand Canyon, the Colorado State Patrol finally is starting a detailed investigation into the accident.

More Biking at Ski Resorts in the future? Maybe

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From the Denver Post

A new bill was passed in the Senate that could make it easier for more activities outside of the winter at ski resorts.

The proposed law would allow ski areas to apply to use national-forest land for activities in the spring, summer and fall. Though some areas already boast summertime activities on nearby private land, this bill would allow areas to apply to build whole summer activity parks on public land with National Forest Service approval.


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