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VeloCross's Course is coming together

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Photo from Boulder Indoor Cycling

Since no one at VeloCross is replying to any emails don't take what is being said as truth... having said that it appears that the course for this Sunday's VeloCross is coming together and it appears to have a "fly-out" from the Velodrome. There has been a ton of Twitter chatter on the details of this course so if anyone has any additional information to the BCR season opener event then PLEASE comment.

From VeloCross

Koppenberg Pictures Video and Results

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2009 Koppenberg Results

Pro Men: Westley Gough
Pro Women: Beth Fisk

Today was the Colorado classic Koppenberg Circuit Race. I was taking pictures on the infamous climb. Its short but its steep and there was really only one line.

Professional Photos 35+, 3, 35+ - 3, 45+, Women 123 and Pro Men

Full list of 2009 Koppenberg Photo Gallery

Koppenberg Recon

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Say say 3rd times a charm right? Twice the Koppenberg has been canceled and according to the promotor there will be NO cancellation this time.

Yes, we are CHANGING THE RULES. From here on forward the race will not be canceled b/c of mud. In the future, if the hill is unrideable, then the expectation is that riders will hike the bike up the grassy sides and remount on top. So this means it is highly recommended that if it is wet outside, you bring Mountain Bike shoes and pedals. We will investigate footbath options (seriously) on top of the hill in case of mud on the cleats before remounting.

This coming Sunday, August 30th, is the 2009 Koppenberg race so I took a tour of the course to see how it is doing and here is what I found.

Loose!. That is the one word I would use to say how the course is compared to past races, but there are the details....

Pre-hill section

Cyclocross season nears, schedules develop, are you ready?

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Boulder Cup rider Josh Johnson getting smoked

Boulder Valley Schools start next week, Labor Day is approaching and so is cyclocross season! For some this means an end to a hard summer of crit racing or a chance to "play around" with cross but for others its nearly a religion!

Some races have already published their schedules like September 12th Bear Creek SuperCross or Brecktobercross September 20th. For those who have been racing CX for years in Colorado please take special note of the start times, here are the ones for SuperCross which appear to be the same for Brecktobercross and might be the standard for the season.

Stay tuned to 303cycling or Mudandcowbells for announcements of CX Clinics or Wednesday Morning Worlds (CX group rides in Boulder). And for the dedicated CX rider check out how you can further improve your skills by creating your own portable CX barriers

What do you think about the new race start times?

Struggle for attendance in woman's fields?

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I got this email today (and probably all club owners did as well). In short it states how they have received no pre-registration entries for the woman's open field at Prospect Criterium for this weekend, August 8th. The notice is that this promoter has included the woman's field over the Men's Cat 4 field that would have very likely filled up while so for 0 woman have signed up, meaning this might cost them lots of lost revenue.

Is selecting the woman's open field over the men's cat 4 field a good thing or not?

Also, is it fair to judge a turn out by the number of pre-registered riders? I can't remember the last time I pre-registered for a race


As of today, the womens open field at the Prospect Criterium has no women signed up. Since we are the Masters State Championship race, I have to run every Masters Category with a 15 minute warm up period before each race. These categories alone take up the allowed time for a race day. I have petitioned the ACA, and am paying extra fees to be allowed extra hours of racing. With the these hours of extra racing the following categories have been chosen: Men Pro,1,2; Senior Men Cat 3; Women Open field.


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