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ACA Womens Bicycle Racing Mentoring Interview

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We recently ran the ACA press release about the women's mentoring program. We thought we should ask one of the mentors a few questions about the program.

[303Cycling] Tell us about the mentoring program.
[Renee Eastman] The Women’s Mentoring Program is an initiative by the American Cycling Association to aid in the development of women cyclists during that transition from rider to racer. Entering those first few races is both intimidating and nerve wracking for almost anyone who decides to start racing. For this reason, the ACA has decided to designate several races each year as mentoring races, in order to ease this transition for women new to racing in several Category 4 criterium events.

In each mentoring race one or two experienced Category 1 and 2 women riders are available prior to the race, during the race, and after the race to answer questions, guide in tactics and skills, and provide an encouraging environment for riders to learn the new skills of racing. During these races the experienced racers ride along with the Category 4 racers as “mentors” and guide the women, during the races, on skills, such as, pack riding, taking turns at speed, and drafting. These mentors are also available after the race to answer questions and provide positive feedback for the new racers.

[303Cycling] What is the goal of the program?
[Renee Eastman] Our goal with this program is to provide an open, encouraging, learning environment for women who are interested in trying racing for the first time and for those who want to progress in their racing and learn more skills.

[303Cycling] How do you sign up and what is the fee?
[Renee Eastman] There are currently 3 ACA criterium races designated as mentoring races.

Athletes that want to participate in the mentoring program need only to register for the Cat 4 Women’s race as they would normally. There is a race registration fee, but there is no extra fee for the mentoring program. This is a free program offered by the ACA.

150 Years of Bicycles at the Longmont Museum

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April 24 – July 3
Colorado could well be the bicycling capital of the U.S. Whether it’s a mountain bike, a recumbent bike, or even an old-fashioned high-wheel bicycle, every kind of bicycle can be seen on Colorado’s streets, paths and trails. This exhibit examines the history of bicycling, from the original “boneshaker” to today’s latest designs.

2010 Boulder Roubaix Report

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Photo Credit: Sportifimages

Looking for 2012 Boulder Roubaix coverage

This year's edition of the Boulder Roubaix went off without a hitch. Big fields turned out to try their luck at the new course. I saw quite a few flat tires and some wrecks on the winding dirt roads north of Nelson Road. I think the 2010 course is harder than the original Boulder Roubaix course. Definitely more technical.
Men's field update
Men's field was lead for most of the race by a break of 3 which later turned out to the the podium. It was clear while viewing the race on hills on 55th that the Flying V guy and Tom Danielson were stronger than the Porsche rider as they dropped him twice on the climbs. In the final sprint the Porsche rider went first then Tom and he thought he could hold them off but in the then the man from down under took the win.

What will it take to win Boulder Roubaix?

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This years Boulder Roubaix has a new twist to it, a revised course. More gravel, more turns, more of the unknown. So what will it take to win this year? We asked Beth Fisk, Bill Campie, Dirk Friel and Chuck Coyle for their insight.

Chuck Coyle the 2007 Winner

[303cycling] Given the new course, what should riders be aware of in terms of attacks or leveraging it?

[Chuck] The new course is really, really, hard. The first half of the lap is going to be about positioning, conserving energy and being smart. The 2nd half is going to be about being fit. And every lap this is going to get more important. I see the selections being made right after Crane Hollow Rd or after the Feed Zone Hill....depending a little on wind direction and speed. With the race being 4-laps there is going to be a lot of is only 75 miles but they are all hard miles.

Colorado Koppenberg Circuit Race

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Photo Credits: 303cycling

The Colorado Koppenberg Race is the queen of the spring time cycling events in Colorado. This rustic setting sits next to the famous Morgul Bismark Hill and makes for a very idealic Colorado race. Plagued by the evils of Mother Nature the dependability of the race is usually in question. Many racers set this as a goal for the year and some travel great distances to complete in this unique one-of-a-kind dirt race with a classic redneck version of the European Koppenberg Hill.


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