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The Erie Honker struggles with probation

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From the Daily Camera

In February of 2013, Ernst pleaded guilty to two counts of harassment, a Class 3 misdemeanor, and two counts of improper use of a horn, a traffic offense and was sentenced to probation. Under the terms of his probation, he was ordered to complete anger management, 20 hours of community service, take a traffic course called Alive at 55 and abstain from alcohol.

People For Bikes - Changing group road ride behavior

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"The Wednesday club ride, with riders sprinting for town lines, attacking curb to curb, fanning out on climbs, diving through corners, is far more than dangerous: it’s rude. Frankly I’m stunned that bicycle shops will often host such rides and put their names on the backs of such clubs."

Lefthand Canyon Opens to Cyclists

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Weekday cycling restrictions in Lefthand Canyon from U.S. 36 to Lee Hill Road will be lifed February 28. Most of the heavy hauling operation in Lefthand Canyon has concluded, but construction can be expected for several more weeks in an effort to complete a winter road in James Canyon and Balarat. James Canyon remains restricted to local access only until construction is complete. Cyclists are urged to be aware of construction traffic and other matenance activities in the area.

Cycling restrictions in Lefthand Canyon will be lifted beginning Feb. 28

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Boulder County, Colo. – Weekday cycling restrictions in Lefthand Canyon from U.S. 36 to Lee Hill Road will be lifted Feb. 28. The stretch of road was closed to cyclists Monday through Saturday for the last four weeks while construction crews transported large materials into the canyon for flood repairs.


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