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Product Review - Chrome Midway Pro Shoe

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Chrome Midway Pro Shoe Enlarge

Recently on 303Cycling we have been trying to review underrated products in the Boulder Denver area and/or products made my companies located in Colorado. This time we are focusing on quality commuter shoes, the Chrome Midway Pro shoe. Where do can you get quality commuter gear in the Boulder area (sorry, can't speak for Denver area)? Maybe REI, maybe Performance and a few shops sell some gear but for some reason commuter products are simply underrated in our area. All of my cycling shoes have been retired race shoes, which are fine but they are just that, retired race shoes, lacking style and fucntion until I found the Chrome Midwway Pro shoe.

After 4 weeks of using the Chrome shoes for commuting and life here were my thoughts on them and commuter shoes in general


    Coffee Talk Tuesday - What's keeping you from commuting by bike more?

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    This week's coffee talk has to do with perceived barriers to commuting, why don't more Colorado cyclists use cycling for more than just a recreational experience? Coffee talk discussion gives me the chance to rant and you a chance to fire back with your 2 or 4 cents.

    This past Tuesday I broke the rules, while on business travel to Milwaukee I elected to not get a rental car but instead commute from hotel to office by bike. It was only a little over 2 miles on what I would consider a fair road, should have been easy, right? Not exactly.

    The first obstacle was finding an actual bike to ride. In Boulder and Denver we have bike sharing in most of the business districts and many of the big hotels have complementary bikes for the patrons to use, so for someone to attempt this here would seem like a no brainer. In Milwaukee there is no bike sharing program and there were no complementary bikes at my hotel. There was also no bike shop within a ten mile radius, where I could rent a bike. So, I had to appeal to a co-worker to lend me his bike. Bike in hand, I thought this is going to be great, my 100th day of commuting by bike to work this year will take place in Milwaukee! But obtaining a bike wasn't my only obstacle.

    Proposed 8mph for cyclists in crosswalks going to a vote soon

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    Crosswalk at Folsom and Walnut

    The proposed 8mph for cyclists in Crosswalks is coming to a vote soon. The proposal will require cyclists to activate a flashing signal if one exists and to not exceed 8mph. According to officials this proposal is needed due to so many accidents related to cyclists in the traffic features. According to the Daily Camera article linked below, Dan Grunig of Bicycle Colorado fears liability falling onto the hands of the cyclist if involved in an accident while in these traffic features. Comments from our press release of this a few months ago stated the problem of few cyclists knowing exactly what their speed is at any given time since few have odometers on their bike

    From the Daily Camera

    Cowern said a disproportionate number of accidents at the city's 15 flashing crosswalks involve bicycles, and Boulder needs to adopt regulations that speak directly to the city's large cycling population.

    In a study conducted a few years ago, the city found that in 70 percent of accidents when a person was hit crossing at a flashing crosswalk, a bicycle was involved. That, the study concluded, was despite the fact that less than half the crossing activity was bicycle-related.

    The City Council is scheduled to vote on the motion on a first reading Tuesday. Public discussion and a final vote on the measure would occur at a later date.

    Read the rest at Daily Camera

    Let's Talk about this

    Tuesday Coffee Talk - Can great racing and great parenting coexist?

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    This week's coffee talk has to do with racing and parenting. Can great bicycle racing and great parenting coexist? Coffee talk discussion gives me the chance to rant and you a chance to fire back with your 2 or 4 cents.

    I was recently reading an article on a local healthy-family website, about a mother who had just completed her first triathlon. Her spin was that parents have the power to inspire kids to participate in athletics. Case in point, after finishing her first triathlon, her daughter was so impressed that she asked if she could take swimming lessons in order to "swim like mommy".

    "I realized then and in the days that followed
    that I accomplished more on that October day
    than just my first triathlon. I also inspired
    Bella to give the sport of swimming a try. Sure,
    she has taken swim lessons off and on since she
    was nine months old. But I chose to enroll her
    in those classes as a safety precaution. This
    time around was different, because Bella voiced
    her wish to do more than blow bubbles in a pool.
    She wants to swim like her mommy."

    I am sure this is the case for many of our local bike racers, their kids watch the races and want to race too. Fortunately for us in Colorado, many race promoters oblige by offering lots of fun events for kids. Besides the obvious health and fitness benefits, kids who get involved with bike racing learn about commitment and training to prepare for races, tenacity to finish a race (even if it has a huge hill) and great sportsmanship, learning to both win and lose gracefully. Cycling has the added advantage of being a very individual sport which can be attractive to kids who don't care for team sports. Even if your kids aren't inspired to race bicycles, racing parents are setting a great example of being active and getting outdoors. They also show kids and other parents alike that athletics aren't just for kids. How many adults do you know who stopped exercising once they graduated from high school or college?

    CU Mountain Biking team rocks Nationals

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    By Eszter Horanyi

    Sam Morris during the XC course

    After a long season of racing in the Rocky Mountain Conference, the University of Colorado Nationals Team traveled south to Angel Fire, NM for the 2011 Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships. The team had some of the strongest riders and most depth that it’s had in years and was gunning for both individual national titles as well as trying to dethrone Fort Lewis College in the overall team omnium competition. Racers were greeted with a winter snowstorm on Wednesday night that dumped nearly 8-inches of snow on the mountain. This immediately turned buff trails and a rocky downhill track into a giant slip-n-slide. With sun forecasted for the weekend, racers were ready for all conditions, from snow to ice to mud.

    The women’s team was the first to line up for the XC on Friday morning. The 5.5-mile course was still frozen for the first lap as Katie Sodergren, Claire Bensard, and Diedre York all stayed within striking distance of the leader, Lauren Catlin of Fort Lewis. Disaster struck Sodergren on the second lap when a crash on the slippery course led to a lost contact from the eye and lost contact from the lead group. York and Bensard continued to chase and ended up on the podium in 4th and 5th. Racing in her senior year, this was Bensard’s first Nationals podium, and as author of this article, I’d like to point out that four years ago, I totally pointed to Claire as doing big things in cycling in the future. Ashlee Wilson, newly upgraded to A’s placed 10th. She will also do great things in the future. I’ve got my money on it.

    Boulder Racing: New Look, New Owners, Same Great Events!

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    In March of 2011 the Colorado cycling community couldn’t help but miss the new website and branding Boulder Racing rolled out. With the new logos and sponsors came the same great events the Colorado community has grown to love over the years. What most people don’t know is that after 12 seasons Boulder Racing underwent a major behind the scenes transition in the way of new owners. So who are the new faces of Boulder Racing and what are their plans for the near and long term future?

    For those new to competitive bike racing Boulder Racing was founded in 1999 by Brian Hludzinski and over the next decade built the company into Colorado's leader in cycling event production. Over the years Boulder Racing become known for organized operations, professionally designed courses, stellar venues, and fun atmospheres for the whole family. At the end of 2010 Brian met the Panigutti brothers of Without Limits Productions. Without Limits, with its roots in triathlon production, dabbled in the cyclocross scene back in 2009 when it rolled out CYCLO X Boulder. Most missed the frigid event, but those who braved the 12 fresh inches of powder experienced one of the first chip timed cyclocross races, complete with lap times. The weather didn’t weaken their resolve and passion for cyclocross production, which quickly caught the attention of Brian a few months later. The younger brother Lance commented after, “sure we lost money, but we got to play in the dirt with a bobcat for a week! Our goal was to show the possibilities of chip timing, which we achieved. Combine that with any chance you get to play with excavators and it’s a win in our book!”


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