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Open Letter from Doug Emerson and Frank Banta on Boulder Valley Velodrome

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This is in response I believe from some of the comments generated from the past article ran Boulder Valley Velodrome Open in Spring

Recent Construction of the Velodrome, from Facebook

Dear 303Cycling,

Thank you for posting the Denver Post article about Boulder Valley Velodrome on October 30, 2012. The main question raised by the article has been, “will the velodrome be accessible to the general public?” The short answer is, yes, everyone will have access to the track. We intend to offer classes, programs, and open track time for riders of all levels. Our initial emphasis, however, will be on taking care of the Founding Members and the original ten clubs that committed to this project early.

The expanded version of our business plan is simple: We want to run the facility as a wide open, free market system. Coaches and trainers who wish to organize classes and programs are free to do so. Groups and clubs beyond the original ten will have the opportunity to buy blocks of time. Race promoters will be able to rent the facility and hold events. We will need a beer sponsor, as well as mobile food vendors, to take advantage of this new venue. The possibilities for people to get involved are endless.

Boulder Parks department Plan for the Future, but will it include Cyclists?

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Tensions are growing over how Boulder Parks department has been handling the issue of bike access and in particular Valmont Bike Park. Challenges in hosting an event or even allowing Middle School kids to practice at the park can be a monumental effort to do legally. It will be interesting if the city will support a changing demographic in recreation or will it stick with that nations normal culture.

From the Daily Camera

Pitkin County Ponders Spending over $1 Million per Mile on Rio Grande Trail Improvements

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From the Aspen Times

ASPEN — Pitkin County Open Space and Trails can potentially come up with the money for a $6 million to $7 million Rio Grande Trail project, but should it?

That was the gist of a conversation among members of the county's open space board Thursday.

Longmont Council votes to try for Pro Cycling Challenge

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From the Daily Camera:

LONGMONT -- And they're off.

The Longmont City Council voted 7-0 Tuesday to try for a stage in the third USA Pro Cycling Challenge, a bicycle race that drew more than 1 million spectators to Colorado last summer. Race organizers estimate that the event had an $83.5 million economic impact on the state.


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