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Matter Cycles - Photo Essay

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Matter Cycles offers modern, custom bikes, handmade in Boulder, Colorado by Collin Schaafsma. Collin grew up on a farm racing motocross, building dirt jumps, and tinkering in the shop with a welder. This somehow led to art school, software engineering and a ton of bike riding/racing along the way. (And lets be honest there is nothing better than a little bike porn).

James Canyon Rd to not be restored with all bike lanes

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According to a citizen who attended at recent meeting with county officials on Jamestown and Lefthand Canyon road repaving, which is scheduled for LATE 2015 it was learned that due to funding (from outside the county assumed) the reconstruction is not planned to have a downhill bike lane, only an uphill lane. For some less confident cyclists this could be a deal breaker for riding that road anymore


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