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2012 Winter Bike to Work Day

The City of Boulder is celebrating its 4th annual Winter Bike to Work Day (WBTWD) to reward those who ride their bike all or part of the way to work, school or another destination around town. Ride and receive a free breakfast at participating locations.

Register Online. By registering you help officials track the success of this program and more.

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Winter Bike to Work Day Breakfast stations
- Alfalfas at 1651 Broadway
- Community Cycles at 2805 Wilderness Place, Suite 100 (just north of the Goose - Creek path, west of the Foothills Parkway underpass)
- CU-Environmental Center at 18th Street & Colorado Avenue (University Memorial Center)
- Peter_Rosoto_vDushanbe Teahouse at 1770 13th Street
- Moe's Broadway Bagel at 2650 Broadway
- Moe's Bagels on Arapahoe at 3075 Arapahoe
- Moe's 28th Street at 3267 28th Street
- Page Two at 6565 Gunpark Drive in Gunbarrel
- Pedal to Properties at 1949 Pearl Street
- Rally Sport Health and Fitness at 2727 29th Street


LOBO Golden Spoke Event

From Community Cycles

Celebrate the Opening the LOBO (Longmont - Boulder) Trail PDF E-mail
[Longmont to Boulder Bike Trail] July 14, 2011 - Join the Golden Spoke Ride to Celebrate the Opening of the LOBO (Longmont - Boulder) Trail

The trail is crusher-fine surface (fine for anything but real skinny tires). The northern segment is complete. Portions of the Boulder-Niwot segment are complete. Bike Longmont will be leaving from Longmont and Community Cycles will leave from Boulder.

The Boulder group will meet and ride from the following locations:


Ciclovia returns to Boulder September 18th

Boulder Green Streets (BGS) will close Pearl Street from automobiles on
September 18th from 15th Street to Folsom and host a street fair in the
middle of the road to open it for community "play". Walk, Run, Bike,
Dance, Yoga, your way through this publicly transformed space.
BGS promotes active, healthy living, sustainability and strong community.
We do this by creating expanded public, park-like spaces through
large-scale street liberation projects. Extensive and free activity


Bcycle Fundraiser

What: Fundraising celebration of clean, green, innovative transportation at Tesla Motors!

When: 5:30-8:30pm, April 20
Door Entry: $10 Donation Requested
Enjoy: Drinks and happy hour fare

Boulder B-cycle is throwing a fundraising party to push us to our launch goal! Come ready to eat, drink and enjoy a lovely evening with fellow bike-share supporters. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to join Boulder B-cycle’s Handlebar Club or secure your place as a Founding Member on or before our party date!


Do it yourself panniers class from community cycles of Boulder

If panniers are too expensive or ghetto is your preferred route since the likely hood of getting stolen drops way down then check out the Community Cycles do it yourself panniers class this March 26th

From Community Cycles

Need new panniers but can’t spare the cash? Tired of getting a racing stripe up your back after riding wet roads? Want to try out bike commuting without a big cash outlay? This workshop is for you.


Community Cycles Winter Bike Workshop


Winter poses special challenges to the utilitarian cyclist. If you ride purely for fun and fitness you tend not to ride when it's dark and cold and snowy. If your bike is your primary transportation, you don't necessarily have this option. After all, you'll still need groceries in February! But don't worry, 80% of cyclists in Copenhagen, Denmark keep on biking all winter long, and you can too with a little bit of extra knowledge and experience.

There are three main differences between fair weather and winter cycling: more darkness, the cold, and snow and ice on the roads. In this workshop, we'll cover what it takes to ride safely and comfortably in Boulder all winter long, from making sure you've got lights bright enough to see, not just be seen, to keeping your fingers, toes and nose from going numb. We'll also talk about riding techniques to keep you upright on snowy and icy surfaces, and the additional maintenance your winter steed may require.

Winter riding may be challenging sometimes, but you'll never have to scrape a windshield, and occasionally it's downright magical. There's nothing quite like riding home through a silent, snow-clad night as the flakes slowly drift by, and discovering a fox bounding along beside the trail.



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