Eric Kenney: Spring Bike Training

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Getting back on the bike
By Eric Kenney

It's April and races are starting. However, many of you are way behind in training and the thought of a race makes you shake your head. "There is now way I am ready to race right now." Heard that before. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for being is this situation, the question is, What do I do Now?

Daniel Duryea and the Denver Fit Loft

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Are you a different rider than you were last season? Chances are, yes. How you rode the trainer all winter is most likely different from the way you'll be putting miles in this Spring on the road, as well as racing. It might be time for a bike fit. The Denver Fit Loft can help. And they bring out the Retul big guns to do it.

Snotty, sniffly, and stumped? Tyler Butterfield on training while sick

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How to train on the bike when you’re a little under the weather, thanks to resident two-time Olympian, professional triathlete, and all-around nice guy, Tyler Butterfield.

Butterfield, who lives in Boulder and just celebrated the birth of his second child with his wife, Nikki, finds himself in the familiar family role of helping with the child care – namely, kindergarten drop off and pick up. . .


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