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David Towle - The Man behind the Mic

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"Call the cops because we have a jail break folks!" If you've attended many of the big Colorado cross races then you could not have missed the voice of David Towle. The Phil Liggett of Colorado Cyclocross, David Towle has been entertaining crowds and racers for 7 years now. Recently 303Cycling caught up with Boulder native to learn more about the Man behind the Mic....

[303Cycling] How long have you been announcing at races and How did you get started doing this?

[David] This is my seventh year. I had been around races working as "staff" for a few years before I ever picked up a mic. I was working for Saturn doing what they called "CyberBike" which was for all intents and purposes a virtual reality bike race we'd take to the auto shows around the US as way to connect people to Saturns team . It was the Saturn Cycling Classic (aka the Zinger) where I was doing "CyberBike" and the regular announcer was late, so I got a shot. It was the year that Chris Wherry won and I knew right there and then that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. It took a few years to get some traction though! What I do describes a niche job for sure.....

[303Cycling] You seem to know a lot about the racers, how much studying do you do for an event or throughout the year?

Boulder cyclists help one person move their apartment

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Yesterday I had heard multiple reports from folks on bikes in Boulder on 75th street helping someone move their belongings by bike! Not just the small stuff but beds, desk and furniture! This morning I awoke to see the DailyCamera ran the story on the event. Read more on it.

COMBRA urges Apex Park riders to attend Oct 1 meeting

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Jefferson County is working towards limiting cyclist, primarily downhillers and shuttlers, from riding downhill on a trail in Apex that cuts through the Enchanted Forest. COMBRA is urging riders to attend a Oct 1 Meeting to voice your opinion.

Here is the COMBRA press release


GOLDEN, Colorado (September 28, 2009) - After meeting with Jefferson County Open Space leaders and other stakeholders, the Colorado Mountain Bike Association board of directors has decided to oppose the county's current proposed plan for managing Apex Park.

COMBA is asking concerned trail users to meet at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 1, at the lower Apex Park parking lot to demonstrate their opposition to the plan. Bikers will then ride over to the Jefferson County Open Space Administrative Office, 700 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 100, Golden, Colo., where the county's Open Space Advisory Committee is scheduled to consider the Apex Park management plan at 7 p.m.

Heatherwood Elementary Bike Rodeo

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Heatherwood Elementary recently hosted a Bicycle Rodeo for kids as a kick off to their Walk and Roll week. Heatherwood Elementary was awarded a Safe Routes to Schools grant which is primarily being used to get kids safely across 75th street which pretty much cuts the school area right in half. The bike rodeo has a kit loaned to Heatherwood from the super friendly folks at Boulder Valley School District which made setting up and running the rodeo very easy. In the case of Heatherwood, we had over 100 kids participating in it!! That was a huge success.

If your BVSD school is interested in hosting a bike rodeo contact the great folks at Boulder Valley School District SRTS Program and they can get you started, for other Front Range schools try your school district SRTS coordinator or contact but expect to lay down some $$$ for their help.

Studio One Dental race team came out to be the primary supporters of the event and did a knock out job! The owner of Studio One Dental was also on hand helping out, amazing nice guy dedicated to getting kids on bikes.... and healthy teeth. This is not a paid advertisement but I strongly encourage avid cyclist to consider using Studio Dental One as your primary Dentist, he supports cyclist!!!

Serious bike vs. car crash in Longmont

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It's terrible to put a story like this up right next to the last recent story on why it is so great to ride bike in Boulder, but that is a part of what we do. These are the words from the person who took the photos

This happened this evening at approximately 6:15 approximately 1/2 mile west of Nelson and Airport Roads in Longmont. It appears that the car was traveling west, into the setting sun, and turned left onto Peck Drive. Directly into the path of the cyclist that was traveling east on Nelson Road. I don't want to speculate on the rider, but it was a male, his helmet was not broken in two, but he was bleeding heavily from the face/head area. He was taken away in a hurry.

Photo Credit Bobby Knight


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