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Cyclist Workgroup Meeting, Bikeways on Hwy36 and more

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The long awaited workgroup meeting will be held tonight after being postponed due to the blizzard last week. This workgroup is a combination of motorist/residents from the Lefthand Canyon region and Boulder County cyclist. This workgroup has been in the news often here.

More Information on Workgroup presentation and here

Proposed Bikeway connecting South Boulder Trail to Coal Creek Trail

The DailyCamera posted a story today about a new U.S. 36 plan focuses on sustainable transportation. The core of the plan is how to handle the movement of bodies without the need for more cars on the road so bus lanes and bike paths are in the proposal.

"The latest version of the plan also would add climbing lanes up Davidson Mesa in both directions and include a parallel bikeway that would connect existing regional trails, such as joining the South Boulder Creek trail in Boulder with the Coal Creek Trail in Louisville. "

Hear from the Boulder candidates

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Recently Community Cycles of Boulder did a fantastic job at questioning the candidates for Boulder City Council so thanks to them we can be informed on how the candidates stand on issues related to bicycle use in Boulder. Community Cycles is NOT endorsing any candidate however Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance does, below is the list they endorse, find out more.


Some Candidates use bikes to gain votes

There are 6 questions which most answered... lets cover some highlights.

Boulder Council Candidates & cycling issues

QUESTION: Are you happy with the balance of city resources, specifically funding and land use, dedicated to cars, pedestrians and bicyclists? If not, what would you change?

(Macon Cowles) I am happy with it: our city transportation resources are spent overwhelmingly on bike, ped and transit, and that is as it should be. Every journey begins and ends either on foot or in a chair. And this should always be remembered in the development of transportation infrastructure.

Boulder Bike Count up 14%

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The DailyCamera beat me to the story, last week the Boulder Transportation dept released their update on Update on Transportation Metrics. The short of this large memo is that bike parking is in high demand in downtown Boulder. This is one of those good problems to have so now it's off to the drawing board on how to accommodate the cyclist biking to downtown Boulder. These problems are not new for may bike friendly area, some communities have started to create Bike Corrals.

Bike Corrals take bike parking off of the sidewalk and puts them in the street just as a car would park but where 1 car goes many bikes can be parked. This solution is also good on streets that have narrow sidewalks or high bike traffic making it difficult to park multiple bikes in one section, classic example would be the area around the Laughing Goat on east Pearl street.

More information on Update on Transportation Metrics

Find the entire document on Boulder's website
Here is a snippet of the executive summary

"Boulder cyclists ride against coal"

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"Boulder cyclists ride against coal" That is the headline for a story in the Daily Camera today about how what appears to be 100's of coal fighting citizens got together in downtown Boulder as part of a campaign to protest against the Valmont coal plant and then road down to the Valmon coal plant. As a person I too support limiting our usage of coal for energy and also as a car driver and as a computer geek and as a dad and etc. Point is why did the Daily Camera have to use the word Cyclist cyclist in their title? These were people who happen to be on bikes. Why does this matter? Later in the article you see

"No injuries or arrests occurred during the bike ride, but Boulder police Sgt. David Kicera said the bikers "violated a lot of traffic laws and obstructed traffic for quite a while."

To make a generalization now, the reader will think... "Those damn crazy hippie cyclist".

Don't be a DIRC!

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Today the Daily Camera ran a detailed story about a new safety campaign from the CU Environmental Center that focuses on bike, skateboarding and pedestrian safety. The Campaign's slogan "Don't be a DIRC" stands for "Dangerous, Irresponsible, Reckless and Careless". The group has also set up a website where people can share close call stories Here some some snippets..

303Cycling Socks and the Valmont Bike Park

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Just in time, the 303Cycling Socks have arrived! Made by the local company, Panache Cyclewear in Boulder, each sock is co-branded with Valmont Bike Park which means each sock sold 303Cycling will donate $2! Currently the going price is $10 for 1 or $16 for 2! We will be selling them at some of the races and if you don't see any of us then drop us a message and we will follow up with you. Soon we will have a shopping cart setup which will make this easier for all of us!

Don't wait too long to buy your socks and support the Valmont Bike Park last time we sold our jerseys they went fast, even folks in California bought them!


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