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Mitch Hoke and the Clif Bar Development Team

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303Cycling caught up briefly with Mitch Hoke and talked a little bit about the Clif Bar Cyclocross Development team and their up coming fundraiser.

[303Cycling] Can you tell me a little the Clif Bar Development Team (whos on the team etc)?
[Mitch Hoke] We have a great team of young riders who we believe can be some of the next cyclocross stars. There is our local crew of Zane Godby, Maxx Chance, Ian McPhearson, Spencer Downing, Liam and Cormac Dunn. And the  Bjorn Fox and Kolben who our off at college and other life adventures. We don't have any real requirements for the team but a love for cyclocross and riders that want to improve and succeed at a high level. 

[303Cycling] How did you get involved and what is your background?

Museum in the Rafters - University Bikes Boulder

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Bike museums can happen in the most unexpected places, Boulder has a pretty good one in the shop of University Bike in Boulder on Pearl street. Even if you aren't in the market for a bike, it's a fun place to take cycling friends visiting from out of town to browse the collection. New to this story is a guy in Europe that has a bike museum in his apartment and it looks like it's about to bust at it's seam! Take a look!


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