Day Dreaming of great rides

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Hello, my name is Kris and I'm not a mountain biker. Yes, I do short track and hold a few state mountain bike titles (not in this state) but I don't go on long mountain bike epic rides, you know the kind you sit at the office sometimes on a warm sunny June day and dream about. Riding up over the divide, stopping only to say hi to Julie Andrews and Fixie Dave. Don't get me wrong, I love mountain biking but competition in Colorado is hard for someone weighing more than a feather and epic rides take time that this father/CTO/(add more excuses here) has time for. So when I come across sites like Goat in a Turtle Shell, Redstone Underground, Sonya LooneyJeff Kerkove and Fixe Dave and many more I, quoting Johnny Cash, "I hang my head and cry".

Photo from Goat in a Turtle Shell

From sidewalk riders to packs.... some hurting cycling image

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Yesterday 303Cycling reported on the bad reputation we get when Boulder cyclist ride on sidewalks, now today its on to the group rides. The Daily Camera ran a story today about the sheriff's new cycling liaison group to help reduce tension between cyclist and drivers. 303Cycling had known about this group was unable to publish it yet for various reasons. The story in the paper is lots of interesting quotes and I'm sure within hours the comments will be near a 100. Here are some of the quotes from the story..

"They've also been following large packs of cyclists for several weeks, Pelle said, evaluating what the biggest problems are and how certain groups are giving other riders a bad name."

"We're looking at very specific things that can be done to reduce tensions, whether it's sweeping the streets more frequently or better signage," he said. "We want to do some practical things."

Cyclist on Sidewalks create bad reputation

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In the opinion section of the DailyCamera today a reader is lashing out at cyclist riding on the sidewalk. The problem is bound to happen given so many unaware cyclist, many who's last time on a bike was at age 13 and then they only road on the sidewalks.

Cyclists on sidewalks are pedestrians

I am a cyclist in Boulder, but I am also a driver, and today I almost hit a cyclist who emerged into my path from a hidden sidewalk. The cyclist yelled at me. I would like to point out to cyclists that the Colorado Department of Transportation has the following rule for cyclists riding on the sidewalk

"A person riding or walking a bicycle upon and along a sidewalk or pathway or across a roadway upon and along a crosswalk shall have all the rights and duties applicable to a pedestrian under the same circumstances." CDOT has the following duty for pedestrians who come to a cross walk, even a cross walk with a "walk" sign: "Before crossing, stop at the curb, edge of the road, or corner before proceeding. Look left-right-left and over your shoulder for turning vehicles. If it's clear, begin crossing."

L'Alpe d'Flag is Gone!

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Unbelievable! Someone, I strongly assume it was the city department, has removed the 21 numbers up Flagstaff! I brought my camera with me this morning to take some photos of Flag but found they had been removed...ground off the pavement! Were these numbers offensive? Were they a safety hazard? Aren't we in a recession? If the city has time to spend money on the costly removal of these numbers than why didn't they ever find the money to sweep the shoulder up Flagstaff...

Ride a CX bike to get faster on the Mountain Bike

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They say technology makes our lives better, easier and more convenant and some can say it also makes us lazy. Take mountain biking for example, before there was suspension we all had tails and hard fronts, riding such a machine was very different than how it is today. First off, with some full suspension bikes today you can treat them like a "point and shoot" bike with little concern for the trail ahead... they bike will compensate for any mistakes you make.

Are you aware of the new Lyon's to Boulder trail?!

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On the surface this new trail from Lyons to Boulder is great! This could go a long way to get more folks on bikes who are normally to scared to ride on the roadway with cars or who simply want a nice ride on a Sunday afternoon with the family. What most are thinking is that this trail will be the existing roadway (gravel) that already runs along the canal that flows from Lyons into the Boulder Resevor however that is NOT the case! Apparently Northern Water of Colorado, the current owner of the trail is not going to budge on allowing access to their trail and if your noticed over the past year their fencing now resembles that of a prison and less of a trail. The new trail will at times run along the canal but on the opposite side. This has created a huge debate with home owners along the proposed route and the cost will be much higher then just opening access to the trail. The county's response to gaining access to the existing trail is...

"This road is owned by the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (NCWCD) who use it for canal maintenance. It is not a public facility and any non-authorized use of this road is prohibited."

Does this proposed process of not using the existing access point make sense to you?

Boulder Velodrome class 1 complete

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I completed my first class of 6 in the advanced track course taught by Missy Thompson. We have 6 students total all appeared to be very skilled riders leaving me as the weakest link. The theme of the class today was paceline practice. Missy did a great job of leading us in instruction and fellow riders helped me work through my squirrlyness riding. For most of the class we practiced 1 lap pulls and moving to the back of the paceline.


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