Jessica: Using our Bikes to Release Some of the Grief

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Cheri Felix

I have a special spot where some of my mom’s ashes are. It just happens to be at the top of a steep hill or at the beginning of a sweet downhill. It all depends on how you look at it. Either way, I put them out there because I knew that for the rest of my upright life I would visit that spot time and time again. When my mom died I used my body to release the grief. I hiked, I did yoga and I rode my bike. A lot. One of my favorite sad days was with M. We rode and I talked and we cried. I shared every last detail of my mother’s last breath. It was very healing.

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Buffalo Creek - Mountain Biking

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Buffalo Creek - Single Track

I like riding my bike. I ride mostly on the road because it is convenient and with limited time its what I do. I forget how much I like to ride my mountain bike and then there are days like yesterday. I took the day off work and headed down to Buffalo Creek. Buffalo Creek is due west on Hwy 285 then south at Pine Junction.

A good portion of the area has been devastated by fires. The Buffalo Creek Fire in 1996 destroyed almost 12,000 acres and the Hi Meadows Fire in 2000 destroyed over 10,000 acres.

The landscape is surreal with the burned out areas and the rock formations and the mountain biking is fantastic! The trail system features smooth, rolling singletrack and lots of variety.

I am sure on a weekend it is a little crowded but its a huge area and there are lots of trails and dirt roads to explore. The trails are fairly well marked but I would recommend printing and bringing a map

Tattoos, Hair Pieces and Facial Masks: My Mountain Bike Weekend in Fruita.

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Twice a year a handful of us make the pilgrimage to Fruita to ride our bikes and taste a bit of freedom. The trip has changed some over the years from way back in the beginning when it was just three of us to the five people we usually have now. The first trip saw us high tailing it back in less than 24 hours because my husband didn’t feel well. He was going to take a nap while the kids watched a video. He said to stay put and enjoy myself. The next call I received was a neighbor saying that my husband was being prepped for surgery. He had appendicitis. Back to Boulder we went. So much for his nap.

I Am So Lucky That I Get To Ride My Bike: Lessons from the Dirt

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I went out for a ride the other day with a bunch of girls. It was one of those days where you inhale the dirt and the smell of the pine and you think, “I am so lucky to be out here on my bike.” I have those days all of the time because I have certain reminders in my life to remind me of how lucky I am; a mother who had a stroke at age 49 and later died at age 58 from ovarian cancer and a father who is dying of emphysema. Not that he would have ever ridden a bike but he can’t for sure now. I guess my point is that I don’t have to look far to see the privilege I carry to ride my bike, to have a bike and to have some great trails and some great girlfriends to share my passion. And a super supportive husband I might add.

Reflections on Jefferson County's Roadway Safety Meeting Part 2 - Bicycle License Plates and 40 Year Implementation Plans!

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Last week we heard from Megan Hottman, the Cyclist Lawyer, about her impressions of the Jefferson County Roadway Safety Meeting. This week, her teammate on the Cyclist Lawyer Cycling Team, and Bicycle Colorado Bike Educator, Katie Macarelli chimes in with her funny yet extremely insightful thoughts on the meeting via an open letter to 303Cycling.

Please join Katie and Megan in making Jeffco safer for cyclists by attending the next Bike Jeffco public meeting at the Golden Capitol (the Taj) on Tues. Oct. 9th.

First of all, this was the first time in my life that I drove up Lookout mtn. I still feel dirty about it. I felt particularly guilty as I passed 4 cyclists battling it out through sheets of rain in my warm car on the way up. I'm still trying to recover.

I arrived to a surprisingly small room. Probably only about 30-40 chairs set up. I swiftly positioned myself next to the people I assumed were cyclists. Rather easy to make that distinction. But all in all it was rather peaceful. No torches or pitchforks. By 8:30, I felt it best to unwrap the bike chain I had wrapped about my knuckles in preparation for an all out battle. (sigh).

The County Commissioner went through a bunch of data, blah, blah, blah, used the word "interface" all too much and confessed (but almost proudly) that he grew up in a 1 car family but now is a 4 car family plus a motorcycle and an RV. Okay, perhaps I'm making the RV part up, but you get the picture. I think I threw up in my mouth at that point.

Then Lt. Jim Lucas spoke. Did a great job. Answered some basics about laws (people really have a hard time with that 3 feet to pass law). And then Will something or another spoke about the plan. It was all happy feely until someone asked, "So about how long is that proposed plan going to take to implement. It's fabulous. But is it like 4 years or...40 years?"


I leaned forward as the city planner was making uncomfortable faces and whispered to the man who asked it, "Let's put it this way. You'll be DEAD."

"Um...more like 40."

[cries of outrage, squeals of pain, and sighs of sadness]

Wednesday Coffee Talk - Flagstaff Still Stands!

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Tuesday(Wednesday) Coffee Talk allows all of us to engage in community related topics and share your 2 cents worth

I was relieved to see on this past Sunday morning that Flagstaff was still standing! It didn't burn down, get cut down, or destroyed. Just to make sure I rode up Flagstaff to witness assumed destruction myself that must have occurred given all the fear PLAN-Boulder supporters had with the race going through open space. Here is what I saw...


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