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Chuck, I believe you

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This story does not reflect the opinion of 303Cycling and its partners or clients of 303cycling, this is just my opinion

Yes, Chuck, I believe you.

I'm probably going to start a fire storm with my opinion because I have no factual news that shows proof that he is clean only what I have read in Velonews and a few email conversations I've had. I have only raced with Chuck once, he was my instructor at the Boulder Velodrome and I have a half baked interview I did with him years ago but I never got it published. I'm not a close friend, probably not on his Christmas card list but I believe him.

I want to thank Velonews for doing a quality job covering this local news item. Without their efforts I'm not sure where I would stand on this issue.

Even though I believe him I also believe what he did was wrong. I never let others use my computer or cell phone and neither should have him.

ACA - Colorado Cyclocross Changes for 2010 and 2011

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We just got this news release from the ACA about changes for this year and issues that will be addressed in 2011.

This fall has seen unprecedented growth in cyclocross here in Colorado. It is fantastic to see so many racer entering the sport and see many riders moving up through the ranks. This growth has also caused some issues as well. Brian Graves of Frites en Mayo and the ROL Neutral Mechanics program summed it up best this past weekend by stating, “Sadly, we are victims of our own success” As a result of this growth and it’s corresponding issues, ACA will be looking at some major changes to the structure of the cyclocross race weekend for 2011. The current primary goals for the 2011 season will be:

1. Subdivide the SM35+ Cat 4 in some fashion (frequently 100+ racers)
2. Separate the SM 45+ from SW Open
3. Allow for clear, distinct course inspection times

Additionally, starting this weekend, the officials at ACA races will be instituting some changes based on feedback from riders, officials and promoters. These changes are interpretations based on current rules and policies that can be found in the ACA Rulebook and Policy Manual and have been reviewed by the ACA Technical Committee.

First, in order to address the issue of warm ups and course previews:

"Based on rules and At the discretion of the Chief Referee, racers are permitted to preview the course at the following times:

1. When the leader finishes his/her race racers may preview by following the last rider on course until 5 min before the next scheduled race start.
2. After the final rider starts his/her race racer may preview following that last rider for 1-2 laps (see below)

This means riders previewing may only do so behind the last rider and in front of the race leader. The course will be closed to non-racers after 2 laps have been completed OR EARLIER BASED ON CHIEF REFEREE’S DISCRETION. If a rider is unsure about the course status they should check with officials at either the start or finish before entering the course. Racers who violate these procedures (including passing the last rider or previewing within sight of the race leader) will:

1. Be kindly asked to remove themselves from the course by an official or course marshal.
2. If a rider fails to exit the course after being asked to do so he/she will be sanctioned based on rule 14.3 which include disqualification and/or suspension"

Mechanics of enforcement: Riders will be allowed on course at the finish line after the lead rider finishes. Previewing riders will be held at the starting area beginning 5 min before the next race start. They will be released from the start 30-seconds to 1 min after the last racer exits the grid. After the first 2 laps of a race the course is closed (or earlier based on CR discretion). Anyone caught previewing will be subject to CR discipline.

Second, to better accommodate and score large groups or groups that have multiple categories racing at the same time:

Chief Referees have been advised to delay race starts if the first race of the day has lap times under 6 minutes. This delay will be in place until the promoting group(s) lengthens the course to be longer than 6 minutes. For Cross Cup races this time is suggested to be raised to 6.5 minutes per lap.

The ACA Board of Directors, Technical Committee and staff appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience as these items are implemented in the coming weeks.

Best of luck to all those racing and spectating this cyclocross season,

Jon Tarkington
ACA Executive Director

On the Cross - Report

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Photo Credit: SixDegreesToSlush


Race Report
I did not race and I did not spectate but from pictures that I have seen and tweets that I have read it looks like a great course with a mix of sand, grass and pavement. A decent turnout with over 260 racers toeing the line. If you would like to add your take on the race please contact us.

Racing Results

Top five for the Men's and Women's Open categories:

1) Matt Pacocha - Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
2) Daniel Summerhill - Holowesko- Felt- Garmin
3) Jake Wells - Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
4) Jonathon Baker - Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
5) Chrisotopher Hurst

1) Megan Taylor - COMotion Sports
2) Sonya Looney - Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team

Castle Rock's new Bike Park - Rhyolite Park

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Castle Rock is the latest owner of a bike park, Rhyolite Park which will feature a permanent Cyclcross course, downhill and a pump track. This will also be the stage for Nov 7th ACA Cyclcross race. Related: Golden Colorado just got a new bike park as well, Tony Grampsas Park and Valmont Bike Park is moving forward

World Relief fundrasier for Africans

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From Daily Camera

A bike can cut the commute time from four hours to less than an hour, Much said. Simply having a bike can make the difference between a child staying in school or dropping out.

That's why Much, a pro cyclist based in Boulder, partnered with Full Cycle Bikes to put on two events this weekend to raise awareness -- and hopefully a little cash -- for Bicycles for Educational Empowerment, or BEEP, a program in Zambia organized by World Bicycle Relief.

What Makes a Good Cyclocross Course

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Photo Credit: 303Cycling - Brandon Dwight 2009

What makes a good cyclocross course? The answer to this question is very subjective. Everyone has their own idea of what makes a good course and it is usually highly correlated to the individuals riding style and strengths. Some people like alot of grass (i.e. Interlocken) that you have to power through. Other people like longer sections of pavement or packed dirt. I personally like more running sections. I am not the greatest runner but I suck less than most cyclists.

Here in Colorado alot of the courses are very similar. Riding on real grass is unusual. Most courses are similar to GMSV - Lookout cyclocross course with lots of dirt double track, bumpy in spots and a tiny bit of grass if any.

I dont know all the details of the UCI specifications of a cyclocross course but here are some of the elements :

Elements of a cyclocross course

  • Grass
  • Sand
  • Barriers
  • Pavement
  • Off Camber Sections
  • 180 Degree Turns
  • Run-Ups

What type of elements do you like in a cyclocross course? What is your favorite Colorado Cyclocross venue / course?

Poachers are worse than blood dopers

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View of the cyclocross steps and DON'T RIDE IT UNTIL IT OPENS

I must believe that the boneheads who poach Valmont Bike Park do not read 303cycling (hard to believe, all cyclist should read this!) because we've said it multiple times DON'T RIDE VALMONT UNTIL IT OFFICIALLY OPENS!

This is what the people are saying to me


"Is that park going to happen?"

"What the hell is the status of the park!"

These are quotes I'm hearing from cyclist and it looks like the city is going to give us a teaser update with photos. The city has purposely been quite on this to avoid building to much excitement and cause uncontrollable desire to ride her. But Valmont Bike Park cannot go behind the moon until their projected opening day of Spring 2011, riders and those who have made contributions want to know what is going on. However publishing news could backfire for cyclist when grumpy citizens learn of this amazing park and wonder why they are funding it when many other city programs are taking budget cuts so the city is really doing us a favor one might say to keep it on the down low until it opens.

My life at Interbike

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The woman started swearing about four hours into the five-hour flight. I could see little individual wine bottles rolling around at her feet, her companions tray tables full of empty Miller Lite cans. When the plane finally landed, she attempted to stand and push into the aisle before we were anywhere near the gate. "Let's go, let's go!" she shouted at no one, mumbling expletives to those of us nearby. I guess she had some gambling to do and was restless to get started.

Welcome to Las Vegas.

Photo Credit: Katherine Fuller

This is not the story of Interbike's product show - that you can find on any one of a myriad of cycling websites and pro cycling blogs complete with glossy photos. When I wandered the crowded bowels of the indoor show, I didn't even take my camera. Instead, I observed and absorbed. Instead, this is one person's virgin Interbike experience under the neon lights of Sin City.

You may have heard that the behemoth trade show is on its way to Anaheim, Calif., next year and will run the first week of August, a move that - from what I heard - makes sense to almost no one. But I will say this: Las Vegas is completely the wrong place for a huge crowd of cyclists. We make very little money and therefore can't afford to gamble, or at least not at the high-stakes level that would make our kind desirable on casino floors. Besides, if we have any free time during the show, we'd rather go for a ride.

What is Interbike? For a non-profit, it's a chance to register new members, raise money, meet and thank major corporate sponsors and entice individuals shops to join the ranks. More than 200 people joined the International Mountain Bicycling Association last week and thousands of dollars were raised thanks to generous donations from Camelbak, Shimano and New Belgium Brewing.


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