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We love what we do at 303cycling and it is exciting to see growth of readers year after year, yesterday in fact we had our 2nd highest number of unique visitors to the site in one day, 2115! These numbers would not be possible if you the readers didn't give us tips on stories or pictures from races or videos like the one yesterday of the Road Rage near Red Rocks. 303cycling is run by the help of many individuals like you, everyone has a story to write or has tip about an event or issue that is happening in our community. So to everyone who has ever submitted a tip, event, story or pictures I'd like to say a big THANK YOU! If you ever have something you want to pass on to us you can click on the Submit News link in the right-hand side.

I also want to thank all of those who advertise with us, we operate on a shoe-string budget that barely covers the cost of stickers, T-shirts and web hosting. No one is paid for what we do and many of us do much of our work early in the morning or very late at night since we all have day jobs and love to ride ourselves. So thank you all who see the value in community cycling news and advertise with 303cycling! Here are a few recent advertisers I'd like to thank

  • Boulder Racing
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  • Peak Chiropractic
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  • Deer Creek Challenge
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  • Cross Propz
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  • Bicycle Colorado
  • Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance
  • American Cycling Association!

That is not the complete list, just the most recent supporters. If you would like to support community cycling drop us a line or check out our page on advertising.

The Cyclist Lawyer -- What to do if in a Bike Accident!

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Megan Hottman of www.TheCyclist-Lawyer.com

Megan Hottman, lawyer with Hottman Law Office

If you are involved in an accident while riding your bike, and with a motor vehicle, consider doing the following:

1. Medical care comes first -are you injured? Does an ambulance need to be called? do the police need to be called? Are you able to call or does someone need to call on your behalf. Do not attempt to move if you are seriously injured -- unless remaining where you are puts you at greater risk (ie in the middle of a road). If your neck or back are hurt, try to remain still and ask someone to stabilize you/block traffic/redirect traffic so that you can remain where you are.

2. If the driver flees the scene, even if you are injured, do your very best to note the vehicle type/color/plates/driver description or ask a bystander to help you with this. If the driver stays around you should not say ONE WORD to the driver. (when this happens cyclists tend to blurt out "i'm so sorry" or "it was my fault" KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. but-listen for statements like this from the driver, i.e. "I didn't see you."

3. Whether or not your injuries do not warrant an ambulance/medical care -- this is a judgment call. If you are harmed, allow medical care providers to render care to you. This is why you have health insurance! Do not decline an ambulance ride if you think you may have serious injuries. Make your medical care top priority. Document all of your healthcare needs and services provided to you. Keep copies of all of the paperwork given to you at the hospital. Keep receipts of deductibles you pay, prescriptions you fill, etc.

Quizno Pro Challenge is looking for volunteers

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From committee for Education and Outreach of the Denver Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Visit Denver and the Quizno’s Pro Challenge (QPC)

Greetings Cycling Club Members:

The committee for Education and Outreach of the Denver Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Visit Denver and the Quizno’s Pro Challenge (QPC) are soliciting clubs and individuals to help spread the word about QPC and the great sport of bicycle racing. Our mission is to reach thousands of residents of all ages through personal presentations, the media, outreach at races and recreational cycling events.

How your club can help: Each club will appoint members to set appointments and make personal presentations at schools, events (not just bike related), retail businesses such as bike shops, health clubs, breweries, restaurants, civic groups such as boys & girls clubs and other organizations. Presentations would commence April 15th and run through August. School presentations will take place in May.

Investor drops 10 million into Quizno Pro Challenge Bike Race

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From the Denver Post

Colorado investors Rick and Richard Schaden on Thursday announced they were investing $10 million into the Quiznos Pro Challenge bike race scheduled to traverse Colorado's high country in August.

Read all of it at the Denver Post

Where is Boulder's BRA?

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I think Boulder has lost its BRA or maybe they never had a BRA. Those who follow cycling news, especially that of recent events on West TSA access have to take a moment and reflect on the power of BMA. Whether the BMA wins or not the West TSA access issue it shows the power of a tightly knitted mountain biking community! So where is BRA (Boulder Road biking Association)?

Boulder County takes big step to update Master Transportation Plan

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From the DailyCamera

Boulder County is going to update its Master Transportation Plan with a new look at transportation as a multi-modal world not one just about cars.

"Before, the standards told us how thick the asphalt should be on the road or how wide the lanes should be," Gerstle said. "It didn't tell us anything about what sort of pedestrian facilities we should be building or what bus stops should look like."

Review of Boulder/Denver's top cycling stories.

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Whow, the Year of the Tiger is almost behind us but before it's gone lets review how the Tiger was.

These stories were selected by myself from the top 100 most viewed stories on 303cycling this year. Bigger stories did happen, but they were not that popular to read according to our data.

General Cycling

Friday Fun one day late -- Jingle Cross, Jock Warmer and Joy

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Jingle Cross

Colorado Women are kicking butt at Jingle Cross holding the top 3 positions.
1st Meredith Miller
2nd Nicole Duke
3rd Amanda Miller

Did you know that Iowa has other great cycling weekends? I remember traveling miles for the great Memorial Day racing in Iowa like Snake Alley Criterium


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