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Single speed/Fixed gear riding in Boulder part I

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This last year I sold my fixed gear to a guy who nearly killed himself while test riding it. DUDE, its a fixed gear bike! This will be the first season in about 15 years where I didn't train on a fixie during the early season. I recommend every serious cyclist try fix gear riding for at least a month in the pre season and see what you think. For me, I like fixed gear riding because...

  • Cheap bike, fewer parts. I never clean it, except once in the summer. You never need to, just keep the chain lubed and you are good to go. Especially nice when the roads are so bad out.

First day back with 40mph!

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Today was my first time back on the back after a nationals in KC in December and boy did it hurt... and for so many reasons..

  • Nearly a month off without even any alternative training/exercise.
  • Took the SSCX out with a 42x16... probably geared high for my first day out, but the #1 reason...
  • 40MPH winds gusts today!!

Maybe tomorrow I'll go swimming instead... with my daughter... in the kiddie pool... that I can handle.

6 Day racing in Fort Collins

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Just got this from the Fort Collins Velodrome folks about how they want to hold 6 day racing in Fort Collins. I wonder if this is part of the rebirth of six days racing, right now Brad Huff is doing a six day in Minnasota and rumor has it that in addition to Vegas Cross there will be a shorten 6 day the same week in Vegas. Anyway, back to FTC, his is the full extent of the email

Hey folks, your own Fort Collins Velodrome Association has made a bid

Survived the Lactate test, now what

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I survived! After spending nearly 2.5 hrs at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine I walked out reassuring what I kind of already knew, KEEP THE DAY JOB! Jokes aside, the data I got from the test should help me a ton next year.... we will see.

The Lactate test

The lactate test was much easier then I would have thought, here is how it generally went....
* 20-ish minute warm up on the bike
* start the test at 125 watts and ever 4 minutes take some blood from my finger, ask me what the RPE is and up the watts by 25

The simple life of a bike racer

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I've heard it said how many times that professional bike racers have a simple life. That's not to say that racing isn't hard but that they don't have many external requirements (no (desk)job, family, house, etc). They just have to ride, race and rest. I never wish to be a professional cyclist myself, I know it is hard even if you are gifted, however I do often dream of the pros lifestyle, especially when I'm two weeks away from Nationals and I *struggle* to find 1 hour where I can get some basic training in.


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