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Coffee Talk - Does Being a Parent Make You a Better Racer?

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Tuesday Coffee Talk allows all of us to engage in community related topics and share your 2 cents worth

Yesterday the Daily Camera ran a story on how local cyclocross star Kristin Weber balances family, work and racing and she does it very successfully too:

"After having my babies, I remember being like 'What am I going to do for myself?'" she said. "After giving and giving and giving, after years of being pregnant and you're so in demand in the years of being a new mother, it was a nice refocus for me. It's a much more manageable sport to get into."

As a small business owner, she works from a home office, so she can take off in the middle of the day for training. Her kids also like riding and ringing their cowbells at races, which helps, she added.

"I'm very grateful to represent the working moms," Kristin Weber said. "A lot of the women at the elite level have children, and it's inspiring."

Her husband, David, agrees, "Balancing a regular eight-to-five job, having kids and then racing is a completely different story," David Weber said. "And there's a lot of people who do it quite well in Boulder."

Interestingly, Kristin's story is not rare, we have plenty of other examples as well, some who stand on the highest podium like Nicole Duke, who has had her best racing successes after having kids. Another example is Kristin Armstrong, who retired from racing in 2009 and had her son in 2010. She ended her retirement in 2011 and went on to win a second Gold Medal at this summer's London Olympics.

This phenomenon is not limited to women. After his son was born in 2010, Tom Danielson took 9th place in the Tour de France in 2011 and this year after the birth of his daughter, Tom won a stage of the USPCC and clinched the overall "Most Agressive Rider" jersey. Other local examples are Pete Weber and Brandon Dwight, who remain at the top of cyclocross while being dads too.

Tuesday Coffee Talk - What's your Car Harassment story?

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Image from Boise Weekly

The incident that happened in Longmont as two cyclists were out for a Sunday ride is terrible and unjustified, yet sadly this happens more than you'd guess, especially if you live outside of places like Boulder. Harassment like this makes us frustrated and pissed off, just boiling over enough so when the next jackass does this we overreact and explode, leaving us no better than the driver. Huge congrats to these two riders for keeping their cool (at least what we saw in film), many would not and let's all take a moment and decompress and share our stories. What is the worst thing that has happened to you while out on the roads?

I've had a lot of crap handed to me on the bike over the years and by far most of it happened while not living in Colorado but the worst did happen in Boulder County on St. Vrain Road west of Longmont. This road is mostly dead of traffic and pretty darn straight so one day I was riding, yes, two abreast when a large truck passed us honking and yelling. It passed us slowly and we yelled something back, I think making fun of the female drivers weight. She stopped and got out and it turned into a yelling match for what seemed like 5 minutes over nonsense. I was young then, today I'd just wave and ride on, truly the better route to take than one I had 10-ish years ago.

I Am So Lucky That I Get To Ride My Bike: Lessons from the Dirt

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I went out for a ride the other day with a bunch of girls. It was one of those days where you inhale the dirt and the smell of the pine and you think, “I am so lucky to be out here on my bike.” I have those days all of the time because I have certain reminders in my life to remind me of how lucky I am; a mother who had a stroke at age 49 and later died at age 58 from ovarian cancer and a father who is dying of emphysema. Not that he would have ever ridden a bike but he can’t for sure now. I guess my point is that I don’t have to look far to see the privilege I carry to ride my bike, to have a bike and to have some great trails and some great girlfriends to share my passion. And a super supportive husband I might add.

Tuesday Coffee Talk - Life Time bans for Dopers? - Discuss.

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Based on recent comments from the success of a former suspended rider for doping it appears that many riders would like to see bans on dopers to be for life. Some say that once a doper - always a doper. Sounds like once they are tagged with this offense they cannot escape its stain and are considered a branded man by the peloton.

Coffee Talk Tuesday - The Inflation of Participation

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Coffee talk Tuesday deals with a topic commonly brought up in tangental comments on various posts here and that is the rising cost to participate in cycling events. Tuesday Coffee Talk allows all of us to engage in community related topics and share your 2 cents worth

It's getting more expensive these days to race or to ride a 1 day tour. We've seen all kinds of comments over the last few years about how much more expensive both races and rides are costing these days yet on the flip side some of these events are also getting record turn-outs for them and we see it all happening on more and more carbon, powertaps, skinsuits and coaches. But before you start the finger pointing at the promotor know that it costs a fair amount of money just to put on the smallest of races as pointed out by DBCEvents a few years ago with our topic of cost to promote a race and don't forget the risk too. Also not every promotor is doing their part for charity and there is nothing wrong with operating for a profit. But not all events are worthy of their fees. So how do you go about prioritizing your summer event calendar?.

Help my wife get a new Mountain Bike

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Boulder/Denver bike stores, please help my wife find a great deal on a new (or used) mountain bike for her this summer! Her needs are basic (desire list below). In return I'll trade ads for some or all of the cost of the bike along with our social marketing channel opportunities.

Desired items

  • Full suspension
  • Deore min components, SLX desired or X7 if SRAM
  • 26" wheel size
  • women's frame
  • 17.5 size-ish

Interested? Drop me a email at kris | 303cycling.com

or call me at 303.875.9042


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