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City of Boulder - Driven to Drive Less

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The City of Boulder recently sent out an RFP - "Driven to Drive Less." The goals of which are "to stimulate long term travel behavior change in participants and to creatively demonstrate to the general public the ability of Boulder residents to live car free or car lite."

While you should read the RFP for yourself, here are some of the examples given to perspective marketing firms:

A possibility that City Staff has considered for this task includes a city wide casting call for participants modeled after popular reality shows like “Survivor” or the “Greatest Job in the World,"

As the CDOT Scope of Work indicates, possibilities presented by City Staff include paying a nominal amount of cash to participants each day, giving more significant grand prizes for “winners” from each tier, or providing gifts/discounts from sponsors for participating or completing special “game show” type challenges.

Colorado Cycling nonprofit Organizations

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It's tax season for those who do not procrastinate and that is very obvious from watching the commercials during the Olympics this year. Need some tax relief and need/or would like to do some donations to help out your taxes for next year? Below is a list in progress of non-profit cycling organizations who are not only good places to donate but also could provide you with some tax relief in doing so. Special thanks to BikeDenver.org for helping with this list!

This list is by far incomplete, a full list of all cycling related non-profits would probably be 4 times the size. If you know of one please add it in the comments section to this story.

Guest Article - Low Back Pain, Cycling and the Iliopsoas Muscle

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**This informative article is written by Matthew Gibble (Colorado Registered Massage Therapist), Feedback Sports Road Racing team member, and owner of Raining Faith Massage who we are very happy to have as a new team sponsor in 2010. Yes, that is Matthew showing example stretches towards the bottom of the article.**

It’s that time of the year when many cyclists are getting increased time on the bike in preparation for races which are just a few months away. If you’ve taken a break or are significantly increasing the length of your rides the body requires a little time to adjust to that flexed trunk and hip position we maintain while riding. Quite often a rider will feel the urge to get up out of the saddle and try to stretch the low back to gain some comfort. You know the stretch, it’s the one where you’re pulling your abdomen toward the bars and stem.

The muscle that is affected is actually two muscles, the Iliacus and the Psoas. Sometimes they are lumped together and called Iliopsoas. Few people know about them until they have the kind of pain where they can’t quite stand up straight or have a “kink” in their back.

The Psoas is located on the front of the spine, specifically the lumbar vertebrae L1-L5. The Iliacus fills an area called the iliac fossa which lies in the pelvis. The two muscles converge to attach to the femur which makes them primarily hip flexors. They also perform some other minute movements of the hip as well as maintaining that curve in our low back called the lordotic curve; essentially pulling the spine toward the front of the body.

Help expand 303Cycling's reach

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Last week at the BMA Banquet I was surprised at how many there had not heard of 303cycling. Then today I meet another local person who is in the cycling industry who also had not heard of us. Please tell your friends, teammates or anyone who is interested in cycling about 303cycling

How you can help

  • If you have a blog or club/team website, link to us
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    Time to think about training

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    Just a few days ago the ACA announced their 2010 Racing Calendar exposing the 217 racing days season with the first event kicking off on March 6th. Are you ready? While 217 days is a long time procrastination isn't going to get you across the line first, you need to start training today. But what does training mean to you? Have you ever had a training plan? Have you ever had a coach? Listen up if you answered no to either of those. First off, worst case you need a training plan, something that allows you to build up slowly and have peaks for certain races and focus on your weaknesses. If you can swing it I HIGHLY recommend getting a coach! "But coaches are only for pros" you say, wrong, coaches are for people who are passionate about their goals and that can be anyone from a cat 1 to a "Joe" who is building up to their first bike tour.

    Bicycle Colorado Teams up with State Patrol

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    Spring is coming and that means the wind and the big group rides. The majority of the group rides out there are ethical but there are a few that do more than cross the line. Bicycle Colorado is doing their part to educate riders and motorist on the law... with the law as Scott Christoher rides with the Colorado State Patrol. In addition to riders they are also looking for motorist who create dangerous situations for cyclist.

    Scott Christopher, Bicycle Colorado outreach manager, recently joined Master Trooper Shannon Schwanke for a day patrolling Colorado roads. Trooper Schwanke said that he does stop bicyclists, usually to offer education on obeying traffic laws.

    "I focus on unsafe situations that could put the bicyclist at risk," said Schwanke. Most enforcement during the ride-along involved speeding by motorists and expired vehicle registrations. Bicyclists observed during the day were following the rules of the road.

    Schwanke has two key messages for the bicycle community: 1) Bicyclists can be ticketed for traffic violations; 2) The best reaction to aggressive motorists is to report the license plate number to the Aggressive Driver Hotline (dial *CSP on your cell phone for Colorado State Patrol).


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