SuperCorsa™ Putting the “Road” Back Into Racing

BOULDER, CO USA (November 25, 2009) Ciclosportivo N.A. explains its SuperCorsa™ events to the media, cycling clubs and teams today, says it is ‘putting the road back into racing’. Ciclosportivo N.A. events planned for 2010 include SuperCorsas in Boulder, Steamboat and Vail, Coloardo.

“SuperCorsa™ is the sanctioned race version of our Gran Fondo events,” explains Ciclosportivo N.A. spokeswoman D’Abria Versace. Fashioned after the Italian cycling classic Giro di Lombardia, SuperCorsa™ is a long-distance, single-day bicycle race run over challenging terrain with considerable climbing, or “super courses”.
“With SuperCorsa™ we are putting the road back into racing,” Versace says.

SuperCorsa™ events are sanctioned races by the sport’s governing body and participants are required to be licensed riders of the American Cycling Association and/or USA Cycling. While SuperCorsa™ events are on the American Cycling Association’s 2010 tentative calendar, the company has not made application with any governing body.
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“Whether it is seen as an advantage or disadvantage, we have the option in Colorado to register our events through either the ACA or USAC,” D’Abria Versace explains. When the company had on its tentative calendar a SuperCorsa™ in Taos, New Mexico, a USAC registration may have been more pragmatic. “While we wish to explore a dual-sanction with the governing bodies, at this time it appears we will pursue an ACA registration, due largely to our rider considerations,” spokeswoman Versace says.

SuperCorsa ™ events are proposed to combine Professional through Category 4 riders into a single field, enabling amateur athletes the thrill of “being professional” for a day. “While we adore the format and are pursing the events with the combined field in mind”, D’Abria Versace says, “we are not opposed to limiting the events to Professional through Category 2, based on rider demand.”

The SuperCorsa™ field is proposed to be limited to 250-riders and each category is limited to 20% of the field, or not more than 50 riders per category. If a team wishes to participate in a SuperCorsa™, Ciclosportivo N.A. is proposing not more than five riders will be allowed to ride the event as a team, but the number is only proposed and could be as many as 10-riders per team.

Operated by law enforcement officers, SuperCorsa™ events are controlled by a rolling enclosure. Within the rolling enclosure the sanctioning body (i.e., ACA and/or USAC) will place motorcycle unit officials to official the race. The riders are also provided aid and neutral mechanical support during the event, and designated feed zones are placed approximately every 20-miles along the event’s route.

“The use of a rolling enclosure may well have been our greatest barrier to entry,” D’Abria Versace states. “Early support by the Colorado State Patrol and CDOT, however, including having a full-closure on I-70 coming off Vail pass for SuperCorsa™ Vail, sees the events continuing to move in the right direction. Short of garnering registrants for the events, and receiving final approval of our permits by all agencies and acceptance by the governing body, we are working from a 90% confidence interval that the SuperCorsa™ events will come to fruition in 2010.”

While special event permits have been filed with Boulder officials and the Colorado State Patrol for all events, Ciclosportivo N.A. still needs to make application with Steamboat and Vail officials as well as the American Cycling Association and/or USA Cycling for its SuperCorsa™ events. Registration for SuperCorsa™ Boulder, Steamboat and Vail will not open until all permits have been filed and approved.

SuperCorsa™ events have steep entry fees but rich purses, awarding nearly $10,000* in cash to the top-five places of each event. In addition to the general classification, leader jerseys are presented to the Cima Coppi, gran premio montana (GPM), last place, most combative rider, sprint points, team classification and best young rider. At the conclusion of the SuperCorsa™ series overall winners in these categories are crowned. To learn more about SuperCorsa™ Boulder, Steamboat and Vail events and routes, please visit the Ciclosportivo N.A. blogsite at

* Subject to restrictions, final cash purse to be determined

Ciclosportivo N.A. is a Colorado-based marketing firm dedicated to promoting authentic Italian cycling celebrations and bicycle life through the organization of special events. Ciclosportivo N.A. bicycle celebrations scheduled for 2010 include Gran Fondo and SuperCorsa™ events in Boulder, Steamboat and Vail. Ciclosportivo N.A. is also tentatively planning a L'Eroica-styled event and The Race of the Falling Leaves outside Boulder, Colorado.

D’Abria Versace, Public Relations Director

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I did 8 days of ROAD Racing

I did 8 days of ROAD Racing this year. (+ a bunch of fun crits, TTs and HCs) The 3 days at $750 would be more then I spent for the entire year of racing.
It will be interesting to see if they can get 200+ racers out for a mass start race at $250 a pop. Nobody I know wants to spend that kind of money for a single day race.
Twice the cost of the Gila at 5 days, 3 ROAD Races, TT and Crit.
Twice the cost of the Steamboat Springs SR - TT, ROAD Circuit, ROAD Race and Crit.

Good luck to them getting 250 racers out.