Sunshine Canyon opening for one day in November

From the County:

Boulder County, Colo. – Sunshine Canyon from City of Boulder limits to the end of the pavement will be open to cyclists this Sunday, Nov. 10, from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. This is a one-time event and will be evaluated to determine possible future events.

What: Cycling temporarily allowed in Sunshine Canyon
When: 8 a.m.-12 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 10
Who: All motorists and cyclists allowed
Where: From City of Boulder limits to the end of the pavement. ** Do not attempt to travel on Poorman Road
or anywhere past the end of the pavement. These roads are still heavily damaged and, for user safety,
are restricted. Violation of this request could result in a citation and/or discontinuation of this type of event. **

Boulder County Transportation would like to thank and show appreciation to both motorists and cyclists for their continued patience while we repair the roads as quickly as possible. We want to remind all residents that while we are making progress on repairing the roads, we still have more to do (please refer to for updates). The county is aware that one of the main reasons to live here is for the extensive recreational opportunities — of which, many were damaged during the flood. During this challenging recovery phase, please be considerate to residents in heavily damaged areas and do not take this as an opportunity to sight-see their tragedy. Please respect both the motorists and cyclists right to the road. To ease this tension, staff will be present for outreach purposes. For more information about this event, or for information about alternative cycling routes during road reconstruction, please contact Hannah Polow at 720-564-2864 or"

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Good post Dave. I have been

Good post Dave. I have been riding Linden and it's been fine. I also noticed the sign at the bottom. It's amazing that the County and City are so strapped for resources yet they can afford to enforce and implement these bans on us.

This is harassment plane and simple. The closures are illegal, I would be surprised if any police are actually going to hand out any tickets. If anyone is ticketed none of these would hold up in court (i.e. the Georgetown attempted ban on cyclists). All this is doing is exactly what is mentioned on here- it's empowering the road ragers who already hate cyclists. The County and City are not on our side here at all.

Ride report

It seemed pretty busy in Sunshine today, until the cops chased most of the cyclists out. And why did they do that? Well, who knows? Overall, the road was in as good shape as I've seen it. Understand, I normally only ride this in the winter because I prefer longer climbs like Left Hand and St. Vrain, but those are both closed to bikes, along with all my other favorite climbs. So "my" Sunshine Canyon is usually pretty messy, with snow-melt running across the road and sand in all the corners. None of that today: I saw one spot where the asphalt had been undermined to the point where it had fallen away beyond the fog line. That spot was maybe four feet long and easy to see and avoid.

It took me a while to get there because I live in Longmont, and because I wanted to wait until it was warm enough to leave the winter clothing at home. So I arrived shortly before noon, stripped off my jacket and leg warmers, popped a fruit snack in my mouth, and started climbing. "Darn", I thought as the grade steepened, "you really can't stop climbing for two months and still be any good at it. Maybe I'll have to 'go pirate' in some of the other canyons and try to get my legs back in shape." I was probably 1/3 of the way up when a patrol car rolled past in the downhill lane and the officer shouted "The road is closed! Turn around!" Well, I'd reorganized my whole weekend and pedaled 20 miles to do this climb, so I decided to turn around at the top. Hmm, I guess I'm a pirate now. Do real pirates breath this hard? After considerably more hard breathing, I reached the end of the pavement and continued on up to the fire station. Yes, I know the county told everyone we weren't to ride on dirt, but there's no good place to stop where the pavement ends and there's a big paved parking lot 1/4 mile farther on where you can put on your jacket, eat a snack, and wait for your friends to catch up without being in anybody's way. The road is fine to there.

After refueling, I decended carefully until I hit asphault and then dropped like a rock. Hit 42 mph before backing off a bit when passing one of the local trailheads. Wouldn't do to hit a hiker, and there were lots of them in certain places. In fact, there were many cars parked on the roadside because the parking lots were full. Maybe some of them should have ridden their bikes. In fact, most of the cars I saw were parked -- there was very little moving traffic. I did see a couple of other cyclists grinding their way up. I should have said something clever like "yo ho!", but I was well past them by the time I thought of it. All too soon, I was back at the Sanitas trailhead, where I stowed my jacket and then headed on towards Longmont.

Summary: A great day on the bike. I'm sure I'll be doing this ride again soon. Next time I hope it will be legal!

Hope the guy carted off in the ambulance is ok!

Anyone know what happened to to the guy who was carted off in the ambulance ~ 10am near the bottom? I hope he is ok! My fear is that it was a road rage incident with a car as there were many cars yesterday buzzing close to the cyclists, honking, and yelling to get off the road.

Too bad the police presence was there to target speeding cyclists as there was a cop on the bottom of the road with a radar gun. The cops could have had a field day if they were out there watching for road rage and speeding vehicles.

The guy that got hurt was

The guy that got hurt was descending with a friend of mine. A doe ran out in the middle of the road, and the cyclist went down hard and messed up his hands and fingers. Probably broke a bunch of bones.

One another note, its on my bucket list to get a speeding ticket on my bike. If I knew those guys were running radar, I would have gone for it.