Sunshine Canyon opening for one day in November

From the County:

Boulder County, Colo. – Sunshine Canyon from City of Boulder limits to the end of the pavement will be open to cyclists this Sunday, Nov. 10, from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. This is a one-time event and will be evaluated to determine possible future events.

What: Cycling temporarily allowed in Sunshine Canyon
When: 8 a.m.-12 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 10
Who: All motorists and cyclists allowed
Where: From City of Boulder limits to the end of the pavement. ** Do not attempt to travel on Poorman Road
or anywhere past the end of the pavement. These roads are still heavily damaged and, for user safety,
are restricted. Violation of this request could result in a citation and/or discontinuation of this type of event. **

Boulder County Transportation would like to thank and show appreciation to both motorists and cyclists for their continued patience while we repair the roads as quickly as possible. We want to remind all residents that while we are making progress on repairing the roads, we still have more to do (please refer to for updates). The county is aware that one of the main reasons to live here is for the extensive recreational opportunities — of which, many were damaged during the flood. During this challenging recovery phase, please be considerate to residents in heavily damaged areas and do not take this as an opportunity to sight-see their tragedy. Please respect both the motorists and cyclists right to the road. To ease this tension, staff will be present for outreach purposes. For more information about this event, or for information about alternative cycling routes during road reconstruction, please contact Hannah Polow at 720-564-2864 or"

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This is getting out of hand.

I live up Linden and have ridden my bike up and down it probably over 250 times a year. The road is fine except for about two places where the shoulder got undercut which would total about 15 feet of road over 3 miles. There is now a "No Bicycles" sign at the bottom of the road as of two weeks ago. I called the Sheriffs Department and they said that residents are allowed to ride on the road to get to and from their homes.

Now when I ride on Linden I get yelled/honked at and cars buzz me because they think I shouldn't be there. Having these roads closed off is probably not even legal, and is endangering cyclists when there is no need to have a ban in the first place. There is literally no truck traffic on Linden during the weekends that I have seen and the road is virtually the same as it was before the floods. The county elected officials are cultivating a culture of hate between cars and motorists that didn't exist before, and I am really worried I am going to get hurt legally riding up and down my own street.

Anyway these are the people responsible for the mess:

Write them or vote them out. We shouldn't be treated like criminals or second class citizens. This is Boulder, CO!

Well I would say a few

Well I would say a few hundred people live up here and only a handful I could identify by their car, so it is not really possible. This was never an issue before the sign. I did post about it on our community website and people seemed to agree with what I had to say, but I am not sure how many people regularly check that site.

"The county elected officials

"The county elected officials are cultivating a culture of hate between cars and motorists that didn't exist before"

I think your case is pretty specific; the drivers are honking at you because they read the sign and don't know that you have a "resident's exception."

But when the canyons finally open up again, I suspect that The Daily Camera will get editorial letters from drivers about how great it was to drive on the roads while they were closed to cycling and how comparatively dangerous and aggravating it is to have us on the roads again. I expect to read letters that say we simply shouldn't be there.

When the county treats us like an optional nuisance, it will encourage the drivers to do so as well.

I used to live in Seattle where there was a large and powerful cycling advocacy group: It's sad to think we might need one here (politics suck) but when I watch someone like Loven -- who seems to have serially threatened and assaulted cyclists over a period of years -- finally kill a cyclist and hardly get slapped on the wrist, it makes me think it might be a good idea.

I could not agree more about

I could not agree more about the need for a bicycle advocacy organization. Every city I've lived in has one except Boulder! Somebody just needs to take the initiative and start it. I bet that Bikes Belong would even support this in some way since they are based in Boulder. In the long term if population continues to increase in Boulder County, the roads will only get worse.