Sunshine Hill Climb, Boulder

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Map and elevation only show the ride to the pavements end, some, including the race, continue on further towards Gold Hill

Make this a quickie out of Boulder or turn it into an all out epic ride. Sunshine Canyon starts where Mapleton street in Boulder ends and pretty quickly things turn upwards fast. You can cheat out early and make a left turn on Poorman which will return you back into Boulder. The first 5 miles are difficult but kindly this road changes a lot afterwards with some decents and some climbing but all with varying pitch. Many stop at the pavement but the brave continue on up to the town of Gold Hill. This section of gravel is steep so be prepared to melt your lungs. Once at Gold hill you have a ton of choices, go west and you end up on the peak to peak Hwy, go North and end up in Left hand canyon, go South and end up back in Boulder and turn around and return to Boulder. I personally recommend going South but you have to feel comfortable on gravel because you will have a lot of miles of it.

- Difficulty:
- Average Ascent Grade: 7.6%
- Maximum Ascent Grade: 23.1%
- Start Elevation: 5471 feet
- 6.1 miles to pavement end, 9.1 miles for the race
- 1892ft elevation gain to pavement end, 3226ft feet to race finish
- Course Record Trent Lowe 41:19 Mara Abbott 47:31
- 2010 Race Coverage
- 2011 Race Coverage
- 2013 Sunshine Hill Climb

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