Summertime Cruising

Riding is fun, we all love to do it and sometimes the funniest riding is when you throw that training schedule out the window and hope on that beater bike or cruiser bike and ride with friends with some wacky theme along with it.

The Denver Cruisers have one of the best publicized rides in Colorado and this week the theme is Slumber Party. Want to join in? Learn more about locations and times at their website

Bicycle Longmont also has a cruiser ride taking off from Roosevelt Park at 6:30. It also comes with themes and is very open to families.

Boulder does have a cruiser ride that starts at Scott Carpenter Park between 7:30 & 8pm but it was has been tainted years ago with some drunken high school students and sober ones and it had been struggling with their image a while back. They even had the cops ride with them causing dozens to get tickets. So given all that ride right and don't be an idiot!. It's simple, if you think you are breaking the law then stop doing that! But maybe the bigger question is, Does Boulder need multiple cruiser rides, one for the party people and one for everyone else?

Now go ride

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