Subaru Spring Classic

Location: Golden

POSTPONED due to weather

From the ACA....

Due to weather conditions the promoter of the Subaru Crit scheduled for Sunday, April 19 has postponed the event. New race date to be determined.

Mike Cimbura

Race Flyer

More Information to come.



This is the kind of retarded

This is the kind of retarded stuff I'm talking about. Why's it cancelled??? 55deg and sun is bad weather? Didnt even know about the race till i just saw it listed here...good job promoter!

Your Reply Is Retarded

How old are you, maybe 13? Calling people retarded on a forum? Grow up.

Have you ever heard of The race has been listed there sense the schedule came out in early 2009. It may shock you but some of us knew about the race, have done it for years, and actually preregistered.

As for canceling the race why not think about your statement before you call the promoter retarded. He has every incentive in the world to try to make the race happen, so he can make $ and not have to reschedule. So I would give the guy a break. Also you may want to learn that the decision is made by the promoter and the officials. Are you new to Colorado? It maybe 55 out, at 4 pm in the afternoon. The 1st race is at 8 am and it could easily be below freezing with ice on the course.

Try to educate yourself before you make posts like that and call a promoter, who is working to put on races for you, retarded.