If you could choose to bring back Stazio or Candelas, which would you do?

Candelas Circuit Race
Stazio Crit
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Stazio, but the powers to be

Stazio, but the powers to be want to charge a rediculous rental fee for the unused fields. It would be cheaper to rent the softball fields to gain access to the roads than it would be to 'rent' or pay for the fields to be idle so that people can race.

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Don't need another crit

Colorado front range certainly does not need yet another crit! Any circuit/road race would be a better addition to the calendar. There are more than enough crits around the denver area, and very very few road events that don't require an hour plus drive time. Keep the Candella's circuit

Stazio please!!

I would LOVE to see Stazio return, and (bonus!) they've completely fixed the climb and widened it!

If they can bring it back without the ridiculous site rental fee, I am all for it. Hopefully they can do it as a spring series in conjunction with a collegiate event like I recall they did one year.

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Stazio - Gone forever

There is now some offices in the middle of the Stazio course that are open 7 days a week. Don't want to be doing a crit with cars going in and out of the course.

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is stazio really necessary

is stazio really necessary anymore since we are now usac? there are a bunch of great races in march already. CU Crit, DU Crit, Oredigger, Ft. Collins.

What would be great is to bring back Meade. That course is so much better than CSP and the Boulder Tech Center.

Of course, I offer no solution...

my understanding of Mead (if

my understanding of Mead (if you're talking about the car track vs. the Mead-Roubaix?) is that the car track changed hands and the new owner(s) wanted nothing to do with bike racing / liability, so that's beyond anyone's control.

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Dont know why Candela's in

Dont know why Candela's in nixed this year; even with the mediocre turnout last year DBC should have been able to make a few bucks on it. Give me the contact approval with the town and id be happy to run it if Chris is out.

psimet zilla racing

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