Stazio returned last weekend

The Frostbite TT might be the season opener but is usually the first big event for the majority of riders and spectators. This year the race will be managed by the CU Cycling team and the course is out by the Stazio ball fields. Having raced there many times this course is a tough opener for most given the amount of climbing on each lap but on the flip side "usually" this race is safe-ish for that very same reason.

More on the Stazio Criterium from the Daily Camera


- 2012 Stazio Race Results


Leader in Men's A field. DU rider looked very strong!

Men's A field had an early break by 4 of the above riders and through most of the race the DU rider appeared to have a demanding control of the break. Near the end of the race the DU rider road the coat tails of the other 3 riders making them do the work and play their own games out. In the back CU have the field locked down.

Photo Credit:David Kuticpal

But this time, the criterium at Stazio supports the University of Colorado's cycling team.

“Each school in the conference has to put on one race -- it's mandatory,” said Kris Schoech, of CU's Club Sports. (Cycling is a club sport at CU.) But, he said: “It's expensive to put on a race.”

In the past, the team put on its race at the CU Research Park, Schoech said. “We used to have it around the Qwest building, but then Qwest got different management.” So the team sought out a permit from the city for a race on the loop that includes Stazio Drive and 63rd Street.

The move is costing the team. In total, the race at Stazio has burned through about $4,000 of the team's funds, Scheoch said, which means they're starting their fundraising to help the team go to regionals and nationals -- nationals alone will cost the team $7,500 to $10,000.

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So quiet

I agree that the lack of proper results (how can there be anonymous riders in the top 20 of the 35+ field - we were pretty strung out at the finish), times, etc, etc, is annoying but hopefully, the ACA/BRAC crew is getting the timing system dialed in for the races that count! BTW, does anyone know why there was an additional timing pad at the top of the hill?

For me, it was the silence that was the oddest thing. Even my wife commented on how quiet it was around the start/finish area. In some ways, it was kind of nice not hearing the continual banter. I just hope CU didn't pay for an announcer they didn't use...


This race was great and I sincerely hope the CU team took in a decent profit. As a Buff-for-life myself, I remember the days when we used to race on the road around Farrand Field in the heart of campus. I don't recall even having numbers, much less timing chips and the whole thing was run pretty loose. Still, I never once heard anyone complain (except regarding the potholes) and we had hundreds of crazy (ok, drunk too) students cheering us on as we rode our downtube-shifter, toe clip equipped, 23+ lb machines. Oh, the good old days!

Agreed... start of the 3/4

Agreed... start of the 3/4 race was a complete cluster. Couldn't the chips have been checked at number pick-up? A teammate of mine was front row at the start and he didn't hear any 1' or 30" announcement either. I understand they were running a little behind schedule, but c'mon... there are better ways to make up time other than doing a surprise start. Despite it being a ride to/ride from race, not sure I'll be lining up for this one again if it's run again next year.