USA Pro Cycling Challenge might have different Stage 6 finish

From the Daily Camera

A group of Boulder residents has asked the city to change the finish for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge from Sunrise Amphitheater to Realization Point, where Summit Road turns off from Flagstaff Road.
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The group -- former city councilman and Camera columnist Steve Pomerance, PLAN-Boulder County Chairwoman Ruth Blackmore, PLAN-Boulder County board member Gwen Dooley, Friends of Boulder Open Space board member Karen Hollweg and Raymond Bridge, who serves on the board of both organizations -- proposed changing the finish line in an email to Boulder City Council members this week.

A public hearing on issues related to the race is scheduled for Tuesday's City Council meeting.

"We fully anticipate the council will be hearing feedback from the public on a variety of issues, including the City Attorney's Office's interpretation of whether ordinances need to be waived or changed and the issue of the finish on Flagstaff," city spokeswoman Sarah Huntley said.

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Welcome to the Boulder Open Space museum...

Welcome to the Boulder Open Space Museum...please don't touch the exhibit.

For me, the most disappointing thing about Boulder is that there is a consistent effort to stop every user group from doing anything. I've never seen this level of limitation in a place that claims to be so proud of it's outdoor recreation. I realize there are certainly pressures on open space with increased numbers of users. But the solution here always seems to be to restrict, shut down, and close. No bikes, no horses, nighttime trail use is next. No bike race.

Shutting everything down is not a management strategy. Anywhere you put this finish, there will be a group trying to get it shut down because it affects open space, or blocks a road, or they just don't like the event. This general "non-management" management strategy would be one of the top reasons I would consider moving somewhere else.


As a "crazed preservationist" and 100+ mile a week mtb'er I think we have enough trails. Do you feel there aren't enough options in Boulder, JeffCo, Golden, Lyons, etc., to keep you satisfied? Some Open Space and lands should be preserved...we have a State Park in Longmont that may be opened to oil/gas dev. I also have no problem keeping trails open to hikers only.

As for the original point of this post, these folks will probably give in after hearing the bigger picture. If you read the WHOLE article you'll notice they really care most about the process, lack of inclusion and public hearings.

Super Flag

If they are going to stop the race on flagstaff road they might as well go up to the top of super flag. A much better finish and better areas to watch from. I would love to see the pros kill the steeps.

Thank you for posting that.

Thank you for posting that. Plan Boulder is all that is wrong with Boulder IMO, and I live in Boulder. They are the vocal minority, the older, richer, people who have been in Boulder longer, who hike and bird watch, who think mountain biking is scary, who think mountain biking is anti enviromental, who think their views and opinions are more "right". They have show little interest in trying to get along with other user groups who may want other things and they have had zero willingness to compromise.

I am so tired of these ass clowns and vote against them every chance I get in Boulder.


"How many great mtb options have been shut down in the last 12 months because of preservation?"


No trail has ever been shut down or not opened because of preservation. Mountain biking is being shut out because a few people don't like bikes.

You really have to drop this whole "recreation vs preservation" smokescreen. That's a faux polarity, invented by politicians, like the old "jobs vs environment" line.

We want to access the land that we paid for, while preserving the environment. The two work together; they are not an either/or.