Party on and support local cycling

The season of numerous fundraisers is about to come before us and for many organization this is one of their main opportunities to raise the much needed funding to operate without the primary director from getting out their own personal credit card! Some events are as casual as showing up to a restaurant and having meal or snack to near black tie sit down dinners. So this spring, round up a date or baby sitter or both and have a fun night out AND support one or many of these local cycling organizations.

In no particular order
- Bicycle Colorado Gala, May 4th
- Trips For Kids, April 28th
- CU Triathlon Team, April 13th
- BMA movie night May 2nd
- SMBA Fundraiser at Boulder Contemporary Museum May 3rd
- High School MTB, CycleFest May 5th
- Bike Denver - Handlebar Auction, April 25
- Bike Denver - Incredible Pedal IPA 28
- Bike Denver - Watercourse, April 30
- Bike Denver - Bike Prom, May 18
- Bicycle Longmont Film Festival, April 17-19th

- Did I leave one off, Tell us please!

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