Eric Kenney: Spring Bike Training

Getting back on the bike
By Eric Kenney

It's April and races are starting. However, many of you are way behind in training and the thought of a race makes you shake your head. "There is now way I am ready to race right now." Heard that before. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for being is this situation, the question is, What do I do Now?

There are lots of things an athlete can do (and not do) to come from behind in the game of race preparation. This is a place where the uneducated and ego driven athletes get discouraged and often injured and the smarter more self-confident ones come from nowhere to have a great year. This situation doesn’t have to be after a long layoff of training; it happens to everyone at the start of one's off-season training at one level or another. So whether you have been out of the country for six months, finally got the kids in grade school, or spent the winter skiing instead of your normal treadmill and indoor interval sessions, here is the way to get back to your former glory.

I often tell my athletes, “Worry about the things you can control. Not the stuff you can’t.”

There are three areas of your preparation you can control and utilize in a way to be at your best in no time:


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