"Sponsorship is not and has never been about you"- Must Read for racers on teams

James Haung aka Angry Asian of
Boulder writer on Bike Radar

The cycling industry is funded by the masses but in terms of innovation and image, it's still largely driven by racing. If you pin on a number each weekend, kudos for helping fuel the sport and maintaining its healthy atmosphere – and if you're doing well, even better. But if those local results are also coming with a Manwich-sized bite of self-entitlement when it comes to endorsement proposals, let me offer a good-intentioned, honest dose of reality: sponsorship is not and has never been about you.

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There isn't much that can be added to this. This article shoots straight and tells it like it is. If you are a racer on a team than this is a MUST READ! Thanks Bike Radar!

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Appropriate bsnyc response.

Appropriate bsnyc response.

Now, I should stress that I agree with (Huang), in that it is important for amateur bike racers to realize how utterly futile and meaningless their endeavors are, and that if they choose to fritter away their lives by "training" for riding around and around in circles then that's their problem. In fact, I'd go a step further and say the same thing is true of professional cyclists--and, at my most cynical, I'd say it's actually true of everybody and everything, that sentience is merely an illusion, and that we're all just dust specks blowing aimlessly through an indifferent cosmos.

I don't think is this "must

I don't think is this "must read". Talk to any shop mechanic in Colorado and they have dozens of story's of racer entitlement. What I find interesting about this story is who the author is. Doesn't this guy have like 100 bikes and tons of swag that he got for free? Also, if a racer wins a state championship and they wear a kit plastered with advertisement, then yeah, a sponsor should float them something.