Spinlister - a Peer to Peer Bike Rental Service comes to the Denver area

Spinlister is coming to the Denver area and it could allow you to make a few bucks with those other 5 bikes in your garage or if you are a renter prevent you from that urge to buy a hipster but rent one instead

A few key quick facts about their service:

- Bike owners can make up to $150 a week renting out their bikes
- We have a national network of over 500 bikes available for rent (currently listers only)
- We guarantee the safety of bicycles on our system up to $5000
- Our bike prices average half of existing bike rental shops
- Any unrented bike on our system is free for the first day!

From TechCrunch

There are over 100 million bikes in the US and over a billion on the planet. But most bikes are not used daily, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity to meet demand. Normal bike rental from a store costs about $16 a day. On Spinlister you can rent a bike from $5 a day up to about $100 for a really nice bike. They are now in 275 cities in 40 countries with over 2,000 bikes listed.

Founded in May 2011, Spinlister is a peer-to-peer bike rental company allowing people to rent a bike online, either from other individuals or existing bike rental shops. It’s like an Airbnb for bikes. Pretty handy if you’re a tourist in a city. However it obviously needs lots of people to participate. So far it’s launched in San Francisco and New York but it announced on stage at Disrupt that it’s prepping a national launch this Fall and a new mobile app is in the works. International plans are also on the way.

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