"Conditions for Reintegration" with USAC meeting Nov 18th

Is Colorado getting closer to having a combined USAC/ACA association? This Friday your ACA club is encouraged to attend a special meeting with the CEO of USAC, Steve Johnson. Attached is the Full Agenda for the Meeting and below is a snippet of it

6:00 Welcome, Introductions, and Roll Call of Club Presidents

6:30 Presentation Steve Johnson, President & CEO of USACycling

6:45 Presentation Bill Barr, President, ACA Board of Directors
Clint Bickmore, Vice President, ACA Board of Directors
Chris McGee, Executive Director, ACA

7:00 Statement of Conditions for Reintegration

1- For the first three years in which the ACA serves as a Local Association of USAC, the USA Cycling
Development Foundation’s Center of Excellence of Award will provide $20,000 per year to the ACA for the
ACA’s Junior Development Program.

2- As per the LA Agreement, USAC will rebate the ACA $10 for each full price license sold in the ACA’s LA
area (Section 2.2) during the Term of this agreement. As all ACA license members who join USAC as a result
of the ACA becoming the Local Association are in excess to the 2011 licenses sold, the ACA is due an
additional $5 for each license sold during the 2012 Term of this agreement (Section 2.3).

3- The Local Association can set local policy regarding race points points series, upgrades, various LA fees,
including but not limited to: calendar fees, surcharges, race kit fees, officials’ fees and race day duties,
calendar date request fees, required EMT on site for all races, and the continuation of existing programs and
continuation of existing staff.

4- The ACA will work with USAC personnel on providing transaction process flow from the USAC license web
application to include ACA local association process flow. Additionally, the ACA will provide USAC web
personnel local association information to include with license purchase confirmation.

News Item: 


Membership likely will decrease

I seriously doubt all 3000 current ACA members will pay an extra $25 LA membership fee next year. Nothing gained for them except scoring in BAR/BAT & Cross Cup. My guess: 600-1000 people will pay the $25 fee, giving the LA an additional $15,000-25,000.

Given the extra costs for clubs to join USAC, I expect to see membership numbers decline next year. A figure of 2000-2500 members seems more realistic, making the total revenue more like $20K-$25K + $15-25K, or $35-50K. Far, far less than what is received now.

BTW current membership stands at around 2600.

USA Cycling is a corrupt

USA Cycling is a corrupt good-old-boys club which is just looking for an additional revenue source to pay for their officers trips to overseas events, VIP functions, etc. Let them worry about elite development and winning Olympic medals (yeah right...) and leave the local racing scene to the people it matters to.

You dont see the NBA involved with rec league hoops, and Bud Selig isn't showing up for softball games at Stazio anytime soon. Our little amateur race scene is simply not in their jurisdiction, but as soon as they saw all the money that they were missing out on, they sidled up and put out their hand. Hey Steve Johnson: BEAT IT! We dont need your help.

So all the other local

So all the other local associations and promoters nationwide who do a great job of integration and amateur grassroots funding and organization are a bunch of suckers?

"USA Cycling is a corrupt good-old-boys club..." (bla bla bla ad hominem)

[citation needed]

Who among here remembers the ENORMOUS fuss back when we basically had to demand that ACA open their books and provide financial transparency? Eh? Interestingly enough, Beth-Wrenn-Estes very shortly thereafter became too "sick" and "busy with family" to continue running the show. Hmm.

Your argument is as bitter and specious as it is baseless. You wouldn't happen to have worked for the old guard ACA management who all had their fingers in the pie, would you?

This is not about the past.

This is not about the past. Nor is it about other LAs. It's about the success of the ACA and the obvious fact that rejoining USAC has no tangible benefit to the majority of the ACA's constituency, and instead carries one very big negative: increased cost. When you tell me how this will benefit slow cat 4's like myself, I'll start listening. And if you can't do that, yours is the argument that is specious as it is baseless.

Political hardball?

Yes but let's assume the above argument to be a worst-case scenario. Best case, USAC is overtly turning the screws tighter in order to compel this merger.

Has anyone from USAC come to make a public case as to why this is a good idea? Not as far as I know. Does that speak well of how things will be under their umbrella? Perhaps some ACA folks involved in the talks can enlighten us on that point.