"Conditions for Reintegration" with USAC meeting Nov 18th

Is Colorado getting closer to having a combined USAC/ACA association? This Friday your ACA club is encouraged to attend a special meeting with the CEO of USAC, Steve Johnson. Attached is the Full Agenda for the Meeting and below is a snippet of it

6:00 Welcome, Introductions, and Roll Call of Club Presidents

6:30 Presentation Steve Johnson, President & CEO of USACycling

6:45 Presentation Bill Barr, President, ACA Board of Directors
Clint Bickmore, Vice President, ACA Board of Directors
Chris McGee, Executive Director, ACA

7:00 Statement of Conditions for Reintegration

1- For the first three years in which the ACA serves as a Local Association of USAC, the USA Cycling
Development Foundation’s Center of Excellence of Award will provide $20,000 per year to the ACA for the
ACA’s Junior Development Program.

2- As per the LA Agreement, USAC will rebate the ACA $10 for each full price license sold in the ACA’s LA
area (Section 2.2) during the Term of this agreement. As all ACA license members who join USAC as a result
of the ACA becoming the Local Association are in excess to the 2011 licenses sold, the ACA is due an
additional $5 for each license sold during the 2012 Term of this agreement (Section 2.3).

3- The Local Association can set local policy regarding race points points series, upgrades, various LA fees,
including but not limited to: calendar fees, surcharges, race kit fees, officials’ fees and race day duties,
calendar date request fees, required EMT on site for all races, and the continuation of existing programs and
continuation of existing staff.

4- The ACA will work with USAC personnel on providing transaction process flow from the USAC license web
application to include ACA local association process flow. Additionally, the ACA will provide USAC web
personnel local association information to include with license purchase confirmation.

News Item: 


For your edification, I have

For your edification, I have spent the last three years driving all over this country going to races. I have spent almost every penny from my Job to support my racing and won a National Championship this year. I was pointing out a flaw with the current system that affects Juniors, and given that the ACA has a claim to Junior Development I feel it is a valid point to make given the topic of this discussion.

salaries and expenses per USAC 2009 tax return

Since USAC is a non profit it is required to file a 990 for its tax return and these are public information. See page 8 for salaries but take a look at the entire form if you want to see what the USAC says it does and how it spends its $. 2009 is the most recent return available but you can assume costs have gone up since then.


Voting Strength

Yes. The voting strength will be based upon the number of licenses for the club and the surcharges paid by the club. See

Article VI
Club Council
Section 1 — Composition and Voting
The Club Council of the Association shall be the President, or his or her delegate, of each club member. Each club/event organizer shall be eligible to cast a number of votes as follows, using whichever method generates the greatest number of votes on the Monday prior to the annual meeting:
1. The number of ACA individual members in that club, divided by 10, plus 1 with a
maximum of 11 votes (fractions will be rounded to the nearest whole number). For
example, a club with fewer than 10 members would have one vote, a club with 10-19
members would have 2 votes, etc. An individual ACA member can only be claimed by 1 club for purposes of voting strength.

2. The total dollar amount of operational surcharges paid to ACA, divided by 500, plus 1 with a maximum of 11 votes (fractions will be rounded down to the nearest whole number). For example, an event organizer who pays $2000 in operational surcharges for the year would have 5 votes to cast. Only the primary event organizer listed on the event permit may claim surcharges for purposes of voting strength.

Many of those teams are

Many of those teams are focused on community and recreational riding as well as racing, but do not put emphasis on getting to the elite ranks or making pro's (ie, focused on the vast majority of those that actually ride bikes). Take a good look at what the USAC's focus in on and you can probably figure out the way they are going to vote.

Boulder Cycle Sport Position

The Boulder Cycle Sport Velo Club supports reintegration of ACA with USA Cycling.

We are very proud of everything the ACA has done to promote cycling and racing in Colorado. We want to sincerely thank everyone who has dedicated so much effort to making ACA great.

Our support for reintegration is based upon the following:

1. We believe Colorado should be fully invested and integrated with our national governing body that works to improve cycling in our state and the nation. We believe Colorado should work in a coordinated effort with other states and regions to make bike racing better, not exist in a somewhat isolated association.

2. Collegiate: College cycling - under USAC - is an essential component of youth development. Currently, collegiate cycling in Colorado is at an disadvantage because most of our races are not USAC, and thus no collegiate element. If we reintegrate, our local riders and local events can play a much improved college role. Further, the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cycling Conference supports reintegration.

3. Mountain Biking: It would be great if all types of racing, including mountain biking and track, be organized under one umbrella organization. This streamlines licenses, junior development, cross-discipline development, out-of-region racing, and more. We know that lots of Colorado MTB races are not sanctioned by USAC, but many are.

4. Pro Riders: Currently, Pro racers are banned from participating in ACA road races per UCI rules. We think it is important that Pros, both at the local and international level, be included in our Colorado races.

5. Cyclocross Ranking System: With reintegration, Colorado crossers will be included in the USA Cyclocross Ranking System. This system is being used to rank riders for nationals, for development pathways, for team and rider sponsorship evaluations, and possibly for future purposes such as local call-ups and category upgrades that are independent of region.

6. UCI Cyclocross Racing: Riders at the elite level of cyclocross are ranked by the UCI point system. We currently have very few UCI races in Colorado in part because most of our races are permitted by ACA. Colorado riders who are striving to reach higher levels of the sport are forced to travel outside the state to earn UCI points, and their international hopes for success are significantly handicapped. Let's give our developing elite and elite juniors more opportunities for success.

7. National Cyclocross Championships at Valmont: Boulder is seeking the Cross Nationals in the near future. The odds of being awarded the event have a greater chance of success if we are integrated with USA Cycling.

8. Administration: We support passing administrative chores like membership services, racing rules, databases, etc to the national organization and allowing the local association to focus on local issues.

9. Survey Results: The results of the ACA's September 2011 club survey on this matter demonstrated that most clubs support reintegration.

10. Dual Sanctioning: USAC has said they will not allow dual sanctioning. Great cross events like the USGP Fort Collins and Boulder Cup weekends will need to be USAC affiliated in all categories if they wish UCI-level sanctioning. ACA riders who wish to ride will need USAC licenses.

10. Programs: USAC has some programs that Colorado can better use if we are together. Programs like the Lance Armstrong Junior Race Series or Alison Dunlap Junior Mountain Bike Series, Regional Development Camps, and even International Development Camps that are part of the USAC National Development Pathway.

We encourage our fellow clubs to support reintegration. We also encourage any conversations on this topic, and corrections or criticisms if you think our opinion is off the mark.

Sincerely, Pete Webber

Boulder Cycle Sport Velo Club Team Captain